LF: Shortbread pan [General]

2009 Dec 1
has anyone seen any christmas shortbread pans? i love the snowflake one at lee valley, but i was hoping to spend less than that. i have a cookie press and have done slice and bake, but i prefer the pan, it gives shortbread a nicely crusted top.

here is the lee valley one, it is $36.50

2009 Dec 1
Ashton green sells same shortbread pan at $29.95, however, you shoud pay for shipping :(

I have this shortbread pan, bought many years ago, but I have used only few times since then. I prefer cut and dock method, then dip in chocolate for decoration.

2009 Dec 1
Your homemade florentines, Aisu? They look quite scrumptious! ...and remind me of Kardish Deli, where I used to get them back in the 70's (along with the best smoked meat anywhere).

hff I suspect that you may have to bite the bullet and spring big bucks for the snowflake pan or spend next year looking in all the flea markets, Value Villages, Sally Ann's and the Neighb looking for a used one. I never learned to like the one I was given ("Flowers and Berries," pictured) as I found the shortbread a bit difficult to remove. Now that I use a lecithin/oil release for many of my baking pans I should give my mold another go; alas, it ain't Christmasy!

2009 Dec 1
Andy: I learned florentines at school last week. It was so tasty! I stole some from my professor's demo table during the break(nobody in the baking lab), I also stole couple of them from my team, while they were busy with another tasks!
I couldn't get enough of it, so I made it at home. It is very easy to make if you have candy thermometer( for high temp)
I couldn't temper chocolate well, so I couldn't make wave patterns on the chocolate surface with chocolate comb.

Baking pan grase is easy to make. mix 100g shortening and 20g bread flour at mid speed for 5 mins.

2009 Dec 2
You could try Kitchenalia in Westboro, JD Adams in the Glebe, Glebe Emporium, Grace in the Kitchen (Old Ottawa South) or even CA Paradis. Call around first though. I love the stoneware stuff for the crispy edges and clean decorative effects, but have not had too much luck finding it cheap!

Aisu Kurimu - how long does this last and I'm assuming you keep it refrigerated?

2009 Dec 3
Florentines do not like refrigeration. They get soft and sticky if you keep them in the fridge for very long.

2009 Dec 3
Thanks for that info Mousseline. I've had the French Baker florentines and they are delish! I'd like to try this recipe as they are so pretty for Christmas.

I should have been more specific however as I wanted to know about the flour/fat mixture.

2009 Dec 3
This is sooo cute! I have developed a serious obsession with shortbread since my mom gave me a "cordon bleu recipe" (not the one for school but that they sell to the public)last year. It is so easy to make and absolutely delicious, I can't believe I never thought to make it any other way than a circular baking pan!

2009 Dec 3
Gardener Mom: my florentine doesn't last long... all my family members are addicted to florentine...we keep them in tummy.
Like Mousseline said, florentines do not like fridge, I think it is because florentine has high sugar content and it attracts moisture in the fridge...and crispy florentine become soft...

2009 Dec 8
You can get a Christmas shortbread pan at the Glebe emporium for around $26.. Saw one today

2009 Dec 9
where nocheese? i was just there on monday night and didn't see any. it was near closing time and i couldn't find any staff to help me. i looked all through the baking pan section and christmas section at the front. was it a stoneware pan?

2009 Dec 9
It was right at the front on the wooden shelves with all the christmas stuff you may have missed it? I just sort of stumbled over it and remembered your post. Try again because they had plenty.

Maybe you could even call ahead and get them to put one aside? They were directly to your right as you head in the door and it looks like your first picture you posted up top, which I am presuming is stoneware?

2009 Dec 14
found some at glebe emporium! they have reorganized things so it is easier to find. it took 3 employees to locate. got a christmas pan for $16. not snowflakes sadly, but still christmasy.