where to find heavy duty wax paper? [General]

2009 Oct 6
anyone know for sure in hintonburg / westboro / lincoln fields / pinecrest corridor?

maybe Michael's for crafts?

Some supermarkets carry it but I don't want to guess.

The regular stuff does not have enough wax to press leaves between. If it says anything on it about being good for the microwave, it is not heavy duty.

2009 Oct 6
Try studio paper. (it's double sided and heavy duty sheet of waxed paper for painting)
Check Michael's painting supply aisle or Wallack's.

It is not wax paper, but I you may be interested...

2010 Oct 11
It's that time of year again ... any known sightings of heavy duty wax paper for this project for my Beavers?


BTW Aisu, I went to Michael's last year and could not find it, and when I asked, nobody had any idea what "Studio Paper" was, even when I described it.

2010 Oct 12
Can you use parchment paper?
Foodbasics has a roll of it and it says "heavy duty" on it.

the box says Multibake parchment paper 15 meters
-extra strong
-extra thick
-caterer quality

I have not used it yet,will try it this week.
It might have been around $2.50 for that.

2010 Oct 12
Nope, that won't work. I need to iron leaves between two sheets of it.

2010 Oct 12
we always used regular wax paper, a sheet on top, one on bottom, a thin towel between wax paper and the iron. this also worked for melting crayons between wax paper.

the leaves have to be fresh and pilable, dry leaves won't work.

2010 Oct 12
Aha, but you are putting crayons in there - another source of wax!

I tried it last year with leaves and regular wax paper, and it did not work so I had to grate some paraffin wax and put it in there. Worked well but was a bit of a PITA that I'd rather not have to do.

2010 Oct 12
Ah yes, waxed paper isn't what it used to be. I've pressed leaves as HFF described...but did a couple rounds on each leaf for better coverage.
Another idea might be a butcher. Some use waxed butcher paper to wrap their meat ~ much sturdier and you could do the same thin tea towel idea over the paper side when ironing.
Nice project. Good luck.