New Toy! (vacuum sealer) [General]

2009 Sep 18
I recently bought a house and finally acquired a small chest freezer.
It's heaven! I love stocking that sucker up and have decided to fully take advantage of it with sales and bulk cooking (like making sausage).
Then I realized there's no point in stocking it up just to deal with everything being freezer burned.
I finally bought a Foodsaver from Costco. Whee! Can't wait to take it out the box tomorrow and figure it out. I'm particularly looking forward to using the marinating feature. Conveniently enough pork loin was on sale at Farmboy today.
Anyone have great tips for using the Foodsaver?

2010 Jul 31
The shop where I work has really neat stainless steel popsicle molds now:

A good option, if you're at all concerned with using plastic with foods. ;) I have to say that those freezies look pretty yummy, though! ;D