Quebec City: Restaurant Review [Travel]

2009 Sep 7
We stayed in Quebec City for 3 nights last weekend with our friends (a total of 5 couples). In addition to the food, we enjoyed this city very much.

Day 1
We arrived at the hotel around 6:45PM. After we met our friends (from different cities) who were waiting for us, we walked from our hotel to Au Petit Coin Breton at 2029 Rue St-Jean for crepe dinner. We were there around 7:30PM and glad that we didn’t need to wait (we didn’t have reservation). We were seated near the place where we could see the chef cooking the crepes.

The friendly waitresses are dressed up in traditional Breton costumes (which adds a special touch to the atmosphere). Our waitress served my husband’s crepe first because he tried to speak French when ordering.

I didn’t bring my camera to the restaurant. If my memory serves me right, I ordered crepe with hams and asparagus with melted cheese. I also had apple cider (I thought it was juice. But later realize that it was apple cider soda and didn’t like it that much). One friend also ordered their French onion soup and I was told that the soup was good.

Overall, it was an satisfying experience since I never have crepe for dinner before (only crepe for lunch or dessert).

Au Petit Coin Breton has two locations:

Location 1: 1029 St-Jean, Quebec
Location 2: 2600 Boul. Laurier, Ste-Foy,

2009 Sep 7
Day 2:

Next day, after full breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant and La Citadelle tour, we had lunch at La Nouvelle France restaurant at 8 rue du Trésor.
The food there was alright (typical food that we can order in Ottawa). We picked this place because of the location (it was near the street where many artists put their artwork and painting for sale)

I brought my camera and took photos of the food that we ordered.

I ordered club burger with fries (see photo on the right) and taste was alright. My husband ordered Trio – soupe aux pois (Caesar salad, peas soup, and garlic bread) - $9.95. Others ordered chicken burger with salad, stewed caribou and poutine to share.

La Nouvell France,
8 rue du Trésor, Quebec, QC
Tel: 418-692-3125

2009 Sep 7
For dinner on our day 2, we went to Le Continental located in the heart of the Vieux-Quebec (only a few steps away from the Chateau Frontenac). Our friend picked this place for our reunion and they are the host for this treat. Our friend made the advanced reservation (my understanding is that reservation is a MUST).

Le Continental (in business since 1956) is an old-fashioned, classy and elegant French restaurant where the servers wear white tuxedo with bow tie. The ambiance and decor are very nice and the service is exceptional.

Their specialities are the flambé dishes and steaks are prepared tableside. I got to see how our experienced waiter (chef trained, I guess) prepared our fillet mignon.

I ordered their Table d'Hote (a soup, appetizer, entree and dessert for $46). For this restaurant class, I think $46 is an excellent value although the quail appetizer was not that tender and the cappuccino cake I had was too sweet for my teeth.

Everything was first class and I recommend you try this restaurant for the dining experience (hey, good place for anniversary celebration!). The price is not ridiculously pricey. But if you order wine, your bill will be totally different (they make money from your wine order, of course). Our friend ordered one bottle of red (Oregon Pinot Noir) and one bottle of white.

Le Continental
26, Saint-Louis street, Quebec, (Quebec) G1R 3Y9
Telephone: (418) 694-9995

2009 Sep 7
Day 3:

After our walking tour inside the Plains of Abraham National Battlefield park, we had lunch at Bistrot Pape-Georges (located at 8 Rue Du Cul-de-Sac, Quebec, QC), next to Restaurant Trattoria Sant'Angelo.

Because we had a big buffet breakfast at the hotel, many didn’t order much. But I ordered Sandwiches on baguettes, some cheese. Others had beer as well!

It was Sunday and the restaurant had no customers except our group. So, we got the comfy room at the end of the restaurant and sat in the couch with a big coffee table. This kind of setting is good for a group. So, if you are tired walking the city, a good place to rest for a beer.

Their website:

2009 Sep 7
Later on, we had beer and drinks at a bistro next to Portofino Bistro (across Portofino is St-Patrick Pub).

One of our friends is an Italian and he spotted Portofino Bistro at 54, rue Couillard. His wife made the reservation for our dinner that night. I am glad that we made the reservation because the restaurant was fully packed.

Interesting that we saw a Lamborghini (black with dark grey) followed by two Ferrari between Portofino and St-Patrick Pub. Every one passed by was looking at the Lamborghini. When we stepped in Portofino and were seated, we all guess that the Lamborghini belongs to the owner since there are many beautiful and expensive race helmets placed inside the restaurant as their featured items for deco, as well as many car race and winning photos.

This restaurant is more than pizza. I like their bread (very fresh) and our Italian friend taught asked our server to give us oliver oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese for the bread. Basically, we mixed oliver oil with parmesan cheese (balsamic vinegar is optional) and dipped the bread using the mixture. Oh! I can just eat the bread instead of pizza.

The food was excellent (but the Tiramisu we ordered wasn’t not up to my standard). However, If you are looking for quiet place, this is not for you because the restaurant was very loud (what do you expect when the restaurant is full house?)

Photo on the right is the veal that my friend ordered. I tried a bit and it was delicious.

The restaurant website:

2009 Sep 7
This was the Baked salmon one friend ordered. He told me that the taste was excellent.

2009 Sep 7
I ordered Pizza grizzly and I split with my hubby. Thin crust. Taste was okay. I should have ordered the veal.

2009 Sep 7
This was the disappointing Tiramisu that I had.

2009 Sep 7
My friend likes his Coconut sorbet. It is cute to use the coconut shell for the sorbet too.

This was an enjoyable trip! I wish I can do more of this.

2009 Sep 11
Le Pape-Georges is awesome. We spent an evening there for their jazz night back in May. I felt like I had been transported through time when I walked through the door. Lots of regulars, too!

They had a limited food and wine menu as they were just getting ready to switch over to their new one. I discovered a great Malbec from Cahors, though.