Dill Head uses [General]

2009 Aug 29
we just made a batch of dill pickles and I have alot of dill heads left over. I'm looking for any suggestions as to favourite recipes and uses for them.

I'm thinking that I could make some delicious home-made dill potato chips, or create a dill butter for some popcorn.

why am I only thinking about snacks though? I must need to eat.

2009 Aug 29
next time your doing pickles add the heads to them...they give off lots of flavor and aroma,,,and they give an extra "je ne sais quoi" to the jars....

2009 Aug 30
How much pickles did you make? I've having trouble imagining not using it all on a batch of dills.

You can just dry it out and save it afterwards

I put dill in all kinds of stuff - let your imagination run wild!

2009 Aug 30
We made 4 1L jars this round. The farmer only had a few cukes left and we got the last of his dill heads.

I will probably just make another batch next weekend. I'm craving salmon too, so I might just have to make a dill sauce.

2009 Aug 30
Ooooo, how about your recipe for dill sauce!

2009 Aug 31
Add it to vodka, let it sit for a while, and voila! Your very own dill schnapps!