500 flavours of Soda [General]

2009 Aug 29

Found this video while browsing - I don't usually drink pop but some of these have me interested!

EDIT: store website is at www.sodapopstop.com/

2009 Aug 29

Dammit, deep in LA of course...

The microbrewed pops are so much better. Cane sugar all the way.

2009 Aug 29
I'm quite interested in trying some coffee types. I wonder if anyone in town might carry such a thing?

That store will ship internationaly according to their FAQ page but I really don't want to pay shipping costs for a test!

2009 Aug 29
thanks for sharing this! that guy is so passionate about soda. i would love to be able to run a store like that.

if anyone's looking for a good microbrewed soda check out Virgil's. they stock both the Cream Soda and Root Beer at Farm Boy. the Cream Soda is outstanding - nothing at all like that pink Crush garbage. you can get kegs of it at Whole Foods!