Where in Ottawa can I purchase a good chefs knife? [General]

2009 Aug 27
Hi ,

I'm looking for a good chefs knife preferably from Japan, anyone know who selld these in Ottawa?



2009 Aug 27
They sell Shun at Kutter's Knives in Merivale Mall:


I got my knives (including the 8" chef's knife) by Shun from eBay though. They were a fair bit cheaper than Kutter's at the time and they have been amazing knives.

2009 Aug 27
You can buy Global knives at C.A Paradis www.caparadis.com (Bank and riverside). You can also get them at Domus Housewares (Murray St in the Byward Market) and at Hendrix (not sure where they are in Ottawa). Also, if you're lucky, they occasionally show up in Costco.

Hope that helps!

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2009 Aug 27
@ snoopy loopy:

add the https://

ie: www.caparadis.com

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2009 Aug 27
Some, perhaps useful to you, discussion on knives earlier found here:

2009 Aug 27
Hendrix is on Merivale, just south of Hunt Club. Right near the bowling alley.

You may also find a good selection at MCL Hospitality, on Campbell, just off of Carling. I don't know what the prices are like there any more, but I believe that they used to have a fairly big stock of Global.

2009 Aug 27
Best prices at Russel on Preston

2009 Aug 27
Japanese knife gets rusty easily,since it is made from carbon steel... and it is difficult sharpening it. Japanese ceramic company Kyocera makes ceramic knife. Seller is in Ottawa.

I found this site has many info about Japanese Knife.

Does anyone know the store which sells cooking knives for left-handed?

2009 Aug 27
left handed? What makes a knife right handed? none of mine are either, except perhaps by the same means as how a pen or pencil is usually right-handed. but that is inconsequential to their use

2009 Aug 27
Yes, most knives have bevels on both sides, so there is no problem for me using it. However, some types of knives have bevel on only one side, and most of the case, one side bevel knife is made for right handed user.

2009 Aug 27
I would suggest shopping around and holding a few knives in your hand to see what is a good fit for you. Then order online. I am partial to Wusthof knives.

www.paulsfinest.com :

best prices on Wusthof knives.

Ashton Green is no longer in Ottawa. The company was sold and moved operations to Toronto :(

2009 Aug 27
Hendrix is no longer on Merivale. I think they moved to Baxter off Pinecrest.

2009 Aug 27

New to the group..

Thanks for all the good information, went to Kutters and purchased Shun Classic - 8 Chef's Knife (Ken Onion) - KS-DM500

Think this will make a nice gift for my wife's birthday.

cheers,from Almonte..

2009 Aug 28
X-13D - They moved? I had no idea! Apologies for the misinformation.

Zym - To add on to what Aisu Kurimu said viz. single vs. double-beveled knives, some double-beveled knives also have different handle variants for lefties and righties.

The aforementioned Shun Kershaw blades have a 'D'-shaped handle that is in left-hand and right-hand variants. Sadly, the attached picture is the best I could find in my three zillion pages of Google searching.

I choke up on my knives (thumb and index finger on the blade, handle in the palm) and it makes a heck of a lot of difference.