Radish Mushrooms [General]

2009 Aug 21
Everyone knows about the radish flower...
"To make a radish rose, insert a knife into the center of the radish and twist. Then, to make it bloom, soak it in water for thirty to forty minutes." - Jerry Seinfeld

But these are way better. Because they're mushrooms. :)
From the load at my sister's garden, I made a bowl of these and my niece polished most of them off. Oh, and she doesn't like radishes. She's a fan of mushrooms though. Too funny.

From here:

2009 Aug 21
Right out of Mario Brothers!

2009 Aug 21
Indeed an excellent way in the 1980s and 1990s to tell kids they'll get bigger if they eat their radishes!

Perhaps if someone finds green radishes, we can make one-ups?