Rendering Fat [General]

2009 Aug 20
(or: How to make everything taste like bacon)

My latest video :-)

2009 Aug 20
ay dios mio! chicharrones!

good stuff

2009 Aug 23
Fold your "scrunchm's" into cornbread batter for a crunchy bit of heaven!
Ahhhh im hungry now!

2009 Aug 23
My brother and I bought some leaf fat from one of the pork people at the Carp market the other weekend. Turned it into lard and baked a pie. Same lard will likely be showing up in some buns for todays big event. We found the schrunchms/grieben/chicharrones to be a bit lacking in flavour - likely do the very small amount of porks bits included with said fat. The kids did enjoy them however.

If anyone want to make lard from fat its pretty easy:
1. cut up fat
2. stick in pot
3. turn up heat
4. stir occasionally
5. strain.