I would like to protest!!... [General]

2009 Aug 9
that without naming names, there are certain retailers who are at both the Ottawa Farmers' Market (Landsdowne) and the Byward Market who are charging different prices for the same product.

Case in point:

At the Farmer's market: 1 dozen corn = $7
At Byward Market: 1 dozen corn = $5.

This is a sample taken from the same day, namely today. I do not think this is fair nor is it good practice. Please someone convince me that:

1) gas to Landsdowne is so much more, or
2) rent at Landsdowne is so much more,

so that I do not lose faith in the inherent goodness of people. Okay, the last part was a tad melodramatic, but honestly, this type of behaviour annoys me.

2009 Aug 9
Snoopy - I noticed that as well, between the Parkdale market and the Lansdowne market. Broccoli was $3 at Lansdowne and $1 at Parkdale.

2009 Aug 10
We Parkdale folks are just smarter than the rest of the chumps out there ;-)

Don't complain too loudly because we don't want to end up paying more!

I'm sure they just charge what the market will bear. Personally, I don't have a problem with that. Some people seem to think the Lansdowne market is something the others are not, and they will pay for that belief. Isn't that why you live in the Glebe in the first place? :-P

2009 Aug 10
I noticed last year that the prices werer better at the Byward market than Parkdale and after the headache of trying to get to the Lansdowne Farmer's market once, I gave up as when I finally found parking and got there, the prices were quite steep. However, the products somewhat unique.