25th anniversary [Food/Vendor]

2009 Aug 8
hey guys, just wanted to know were would be a good place to celebrate my parents 25th anniversary... we are not picky, so anything goes.

2009 Aug 8
I can't say enough good things about Murray Street: www.murraystreet.ca

We've always found the food and service to be great, and at the same time the atmosphere is really welcoming instead of stifling. It would be great for celebrating an anniversary.

2009 Aug 9
If you're looking for a good place for a larger party of people, the Courtyard on George Street is incredibly well reviewed. We did a post-wedding brunch there today. Very lovely and very well organized.

2009 Aug 9
gastro pub

2009 Aug 11
How about somewhere like Habesha? ottawafoodies.com/vendor/1406

It'll save you tons of $ (assuming its your treat?), and the food will be as good (or at least as interesting) as everything mentioned above.

25 yrs together, plus raising a kid named Maize, they can go off the well-trodden path, right? :-)

2009 Aug 11
I'm always a big fan of Juniper ( www.ottawafoodies.com ) It has a nice mix of sophistication, friendliness, and a menu that can satisfy varied, and discerning tastes. Rarely have I seen, or believed that 'anything' really goes for a special evening. Since most of these places have online menus, I think it would be prudent to have the anniversary couple check out the culinary offerings (or someone who knows them, check for them). Further, there are sometimes special events at some of these places that you might want to attend (such as Juniper's Thursday Jazz night with Brian Browne on piano!), or avoid.

2009 Aug 15
It's probably not so trendy to suggest anymore, but I got my parents a gift certificate to Beckta for their 41st and they really liked it. This is saying a lot, since my dad doesn't tend to go for anything beyond sandwiches and canned food.

I'd say they are a very reliable bet.

Let us know where you decide to go!

2009 Aug 16
Petit Bill's is also a win and less well discovered here I find.