Spiral Slicer? [Cooking]

2009 Aug 5
Hi all,

Would anyone happen to know where I would be able to get a good spiral slicer (for making vegetable 'pasta'?)


2009 Aug 5
CA Paradis, Hendrix, Ma Cuisine (maybe?)... what you're looking for is called a Benriner Turning Slicer, if I'm not mistaken. Very handy for what you're attempting. I usually use a mandoline to make lengthwise cuts, then do long juliennes of the thin slices to make zucchini "pasta", quick sautée, olive oil, sherry vinegar, S&P, garlic, mix with crumbled feta et voila, a perfect side dish, or add cherry tomatoes and some other veg for a nice main dish.

2009 Aug 5
Yes, the Benriner is exactly what I have in mind. CA Paradis and Hendrix don't have them, neither does Grace in the Kitchen. Ma Cuisine only has a Joyce Chan, which isn't anywhere near as good as the Benriner...

2009 Aug 5
Hmm, that's unusual, I've definitely seen them at CA Paradis before... it's a weird green looking thing with a knobby handle, maybe they don't carry Benriner products anymore. Regardless of the stock they have on hand, I would ask them if they could order one for you. Otherwise, I'd recommend checking out some of the kitchen supply shops in Chinatown, I recall seeing some Benriner-like devices at the one between Yangtze & Kowloon Market. If all of those options fail, order one from an online vendor or ebay!

2009 Aug 5
Go to global hardware and gifts on summerset. There there for sure.

2009 Aug 6
Great tips, thank you. I've found one on ebay, and if the price stays reasonable I'll get it. Failing that, I'll check out these shops. Thanks!!

2009 Aug 7
I was actually just at Ma Cuisine and saw a spiral slicer that sounds exactly like what you're looking for. It was $49.95, I believe. (I almost got it, but what I'm really looking for is a Mandoline-type veggie slicer.) I hope this helps.

2009 Aug 8
"Da Butcher" - thank you for the tip. I bought one there today, same as this model: www.amazon.com (the link only says "amazon dot com" but it does bring you to the page with the spiral slicer.)

Hopefully it will work well!