Brainstorming cucumber ideas... [General]

2009 Aug 5
Cucumbers are in season and very cheap. I was trying to brainstorm ideas on how to use them last night and I came to realize that they are either a) somewhat underutilized or b) not very versatile. I am hoping the answer is a)! Here was the list of ideas I came up with:

gaspacho/cold soups
sliced cucumber salads with yogurt/mint/feta or sour cream/dill/vinegar dressings
as little canape cups for taramasalata, etc.
diced into cold couscous
sliced into garden salads
Julienned on top of Vietnamese vermicelli salad bowls
Greek salads and Arab/Israeli-style salads (ie small dice w/tomatoes etc.)
Stir-fried cucumber "noodles" Chinese-style on white rice...

Any other good ideas out there? I think cucumbers are only going to get more plentiful and even cheaper in the next few weeks!

2009 Aug 5
Fermented into Dill Pickles!!!

2009 Aug 5
as they are with salt and freshly ground black pepper...the smell of summer...can't wait for mine to be ready in the garden!

2009 Aug 5
Use them as a component of sushi. You can even use the cucmber skin instead of nori to wrap the rolls.

2009 Aug 5
In the same vein as your Stir-fried cucumber "noodles" Chinese-style on white rice...

you can use cucumber to make "spaghetti" and pair it with, tuna tartare, or really any fish.


1. component of a pasta sauce
2. refreshing drink (think lemonade/limeade)
3. cucumber sandwiches
4. cucumber dips/cream cheese

2009 Aug 5
Trachino - LOL, here is an oldie but goodie memory... when I was a kid, I had an Aunt who loved to eat Cucumber Sandwiches in the summertime. As I recall... sliced cucumber and lots of salt & pepper. Can't say I was a fan, but it was a "sign" of summer, cucumber sandwiches dockside at the Lake.

2009 Aug 5
Cucumber with cream cheese on pumpernickel is delish!

2009 Aug 5
Snoopy Loopy - Gosh that does sound good!

Funny thing, I didn't notice your reference to cucumber sandwiches... lol, think I just got carried away on memory lane thinking about summertime and being a kid. Going to "the lake" was a big deal for me... meant I got to "get out of town" for the day. :-)