help! grocery store steak [General]

2009 Jul 31
any early risers out there? i need meat shopping help.

i need help. i am a vegetarian, but have to buy some red meat for my husband and his friend to cook on the bbq. they were all out of steaks at the farmer's market and my son has changed my plans by waking up too early, so he and i are getting on the road by 8:30am - my plan had been to go to saslove's to buy the meat, but now we will be leaving town too early.

this leaves me with the richmond rd superstore to buy the meat. what cut of meat should i get? the men are happy to make a simple marinade, but would like to still taste the meat.

the meal:
fresh made pesto (from my garden) & pasta
fresh picked corn (to be picked right before cooking)
simple, freeform raspberry pie

lots of wine & laughs :)
i think their beer of choice is mill street tank house ale.

2009 Jul 31
Morning. My hubby is a lover of steak, and when asked in a half-asleep stupor, he said top surloin would be good! Hope that helps!

2009 Jul 31

2009 Jul 31
T bone and Prime Rib are my 2 faves!

No need for any other flavoring if you get good cuts.

2009 Jul 31
Rib eye is my favorite "grilling" steak

2009 Jul 31
IMHO Bone-in Rib Eye has the best "taste" (that is it has the most marbling).

Skip grocery store T-bones, they are heavy on the strip and light on the tenderloin, and always cut too thin.

No need to marinate a rib-eye. But if you go with NY strip, the fat is lower, so I often cheat and marinate with a little Worcestershire and black pepper or really cheat and use PC Kobe with fresh rosemary. Both enhance the meaty taste.

2009 Jul 31
Rib Eye, or Strip Loin. To save money, you can buy the whole 'cut' vac-packed at Costco, and cut the steaks yourself. You will save up to 50%, but will have to spend $70 or $100 on a cut. (Freeze the leftovers)

2009 Jul 31
I would have to agree 100% with Pete-In-Ottawa. Another great cut of meat that is extremely popular in the USA is Tri-Tip steak - I have asked for it at several butchers and they look at me if I am from the Moon or something - I had to even send links to show them what the cut and where it is as noted below:


2009 Jul 31
I get my steak from Dumouchel meats (never buy at the grocery). Top sirloin is my fav cut (not too fat, very tasty), but I dont take what is behind the counter.

I have the butcher cut mine about 1.5 to 2 inches thick and I request that he needle it. Like is shown in this pic. If you ask, they will cryo-vac (sp) it for you (great if they are going in frezer or if your using a cooler for camping). Bernie owns the place and he is the best at cutting it the way I like it. IMO, striploin and rib steak is a bit too fatty. Tbone and Tenderloin (the best cut) is bit too expensive and lacks taste.

2009 Jul 31
If it has a bone in it, I'll love it. Rib steaks all the way. Best combination of flavour and tenderness imo.

2009 Aug 4
i ended up getting t-bone at saslove's on wellington. it was a big hit. the saslove website says the store is open at 8am, but this is not true, it doesn't open until 9am (as i found out). i have emailed them to update their information.

btw, they loved the steak and gnawed the bones clean.