OttawaFoodies Summer Meetup - NEED YOUR INPUT! [General]

2009 Jul 24
Hi Foodies!

So, apparently we CANNOT have the party room on August 23 before 4:30pm. Charlesfort uses it as their sales centre.

Would anyone have an issue with moving the time of the Pot Luck / BBQ to the evening, rather than the early afternoon?

The other option is just hanging out on the roof until 4:30, but potentially the weather might not cooperate with that.

2009 Jul 24
*blink* That would actually be wonderful for me.

2009 Jul 24
That would be ok by me but I probably won't be able to stay very long.

2009 Jul 24
I think the original plan had been for it to be from like 1-3:30 or we could move it to 4:30 - 7:30 or so and people can stay or not as they please. (We have a standing bridge night (usually with pizza) on Sundays, so we'll likely leave around 7:30 at the latest)

2009 Jul 24
Sales centre: paf! Like they need to sell more units ;)

4:30 start time will work for us. Not a problem.

2009 Jul 24
Sunday evening works for me too.

2009 Jul 24
just joining the forums. missed details but sounds interesting, what's going on here?

2009 Jul 24
More details/explanation over here.

2009 Jul 24
Fine by me...

2009 Jul 24
Great! I'll confirm us for 4:30 then.

2009 Jul 24
Can't make it for the evening myself - will be out at Mariposa farms later that day. Enjoy!

2009 Jul 24
(Would another option be to play it by ear for the weather???) If weather is good, then the party starts earlier? (ie. 3?) If weather is bad, then the party starts later?

2009 Jul 24
Starting a little earlier if it is nice weather might be enjoyable, giving those with time restraints a little more flexibility. As for me I will go with the flow.....

2009 Jul 25
Evening works better for me.

2009 Jul 27
Sadly, I won't be in town on the 23rd, but it would be fun to meet you folks some time. Maybe, if this one goes well, something around Xmas?

2009 Jul 29
i'm flexible with whatever the group decides
as to what i'm bringing I decide later
it will be food
oh and probably a bottle of malbec for the hostess

2009 Jul 31
Is there room for 2.5 more? I have yet to talk to my wife, but this is something I may be interested in.

2009 Jul 31
I think so, if only because I'm curious as to what a half a person look like, Snoopy ;)

The count as it is now is...32, but I'm sure that some people have forgotten or made plans or the evening time doesn't work for them as well, or they'll drop in and out.

So, absolutely. there a limit to the number of people who can appear on the rooftop at any one time?

2009 Jul 31
It depends which half shows up. You'll be lucky if it's the front half... then you get conversation... but if it's back half, then all you get is butt... and not of the Boston Butt variety =)

2009 Jul 31
snoopy, #ftw.

well played. but do i really get conversation with the front half, or do i just get to coo at it?

2009 Jul 31
Well, probably just coo at it =) At 3 weeks old, he's not much of a conversationalist. On the other hand, he's unbearable cute.

2009 Jul 31
LWB am I included in the count for the summer meetup?

2009 Jul 31
Included in the count are...

Supertaster (2)
pan bagnat
pej daddy
mmmmj (2)
Poutine (2)
Sweet Tooth (2)
Food Film Director (2)
sourdough (2 and 4)
pasta lover
Hungry Librarian (2)
Fresh Foodie (2 and 2)
itchy feet
Tracinho (2)
zymurgist (2 and 2)
Snoopy Loopy (2 and 1)
momomoto (2)
Tiana (2 and 1)
Food & Think
Karey (2)
lady who brunches (2)

have I missed anyone? anyone have spouses or children not accounted for?

2009 Aug 1
I don't think there's any limit on number of people - or if there is, it's probably much higher than 30ish :)

LWB, I'll have a +1 and have also invited a couple of people from work I know are lurkers and who read the reviews but don't have accounts. Not sure if they'll show up though. I imagine it will be pretty casual, people coming and going as the afternoon/evening gets on...

2009 Aug 3
You forgot me (+ 1) in the count LWB....

2009 Aug 11
lady who brunches I am bumping this up because I just got back from vacation. Just to let you know I am a +1. But I noticed a little chit chat (around the July 24th part of the thread) about the start time possibly being earlier. I am available all day therefore flexible but I "think" Pam mentioned she couldn't book the patio earlier due to an open house that day? Just wanted to clarify before we start making new plans...

2009 Aug 12
Bump away, Pasta Lover.

I believe the renewed started time was 4:30. Am I mistaken?

2009 Aug 12
lady who brunches No you are not mistaken at all. I just got back from a two week holiday (last week of July and first week of August). It was two weeks away from everything - work, the computer, home (except to sleep) - so I am just getting caught up on foodie news this week. I just noticed the banter back and forth while I was away so I just wanted to confirm the time-;)

2009 Aug 15
8 sleeps away

2009 Aug 16
//8 sleeps away

indeed. but can i mock that you're counting down to this? i didn't count down to my wedding until about four sleeps.

i can hardly wait; we'll have been playing ultimate all weekend (playoffs) and will have deserved wonderful eats and good conversation.

2009 Aug 17
Delightful; can we get emails/addresses and other contact info soon as this is only on sunday...

2009 Aug 17
Yup. Absolutely. Fresh Foodie, is there anyway to send bulk messaging out to users?

Otherwise, Pam...perhaps we can create a message and copy/paste it and send as a conversation, and break the list up between the two of us?

2009 Aug 17
I have not chimed in here yet but evening actually works a bit better for me personally - increases my chances of attendance. Though I'm still only 50/50 at this point. It's going to be a very busy weekend especially if tomatoes are in at the market this week as I suspect they will be finally - gotta put down a crapload of them this year and there are only so many weekends. Also gotta try to make beer this weekend since I'm out!

2009 Aug 17
Zym, don't get your hopes up on the tomato front. My mother's garden in Kanata was an absolute disgrace due to the soggy weather.

2009 Aug 17
Yeah, good point. I'm sure there will be lots to come, but they will likely start a bit later than usual

2009 Aug 18
LWB/Pam... I'm leery of trying to contact people via email because of spam filters.

I'd be happy to send private messages to the list of attendees here, so please send me final details once they are available. I'd be doing it pretty much manually, but likely with less inconvenience than you would incur doing it yourself.

2009 Aug 18
...I guess I'm a little late in being able to join? Especially as I wouldn't have anything exciting to prepare...

2009 Aug 18
It would be fun to have you there Niall. Especially if you want to do chocolate experimentation after the weather cools down.

2009 Aug 18
I am also trying to get onto the A-List, and finagle myself an invite from LWB...

2009 Aug 18
Pete, I don't know if you'll ever be on the A-List. But an invite you have. Assuming Pam hasn't blacklisted you for a reason I'm not aware of.

2009 Aug 18
I could try wearing a disguise or something...

2009 Aug 18
I'm checking my message inbox for details on location etc... is it forthcoming, or have I been uninvited... :)

2009 Aug 18
Details are forthcoming. I'm sending a final list of people who want to attend to Fresh Foodie, who will then send out Pam's contact information, once Pam sends it to FF.

I'll also be writing a forum post with the remainder of the details.