Getting to know you... [General]

2009 Jul 11
I'm curious.

Please list your favourites (one answer per category and no ties!):

Cracker (no toppings):
Snack food (I will accept a combo here):
Bottle of wine:
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends):
Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*):
Celebrity chef:
Signature dish (that you make from scratch):

2009 Jul 11
OK I'll play:

Cracker- those rustic flatbreads by Grissol (I think)

Snack Food- Gardettos snack mix, especially the rye chips

Bottle of wine- Rosemont Shiraz

Shame food-chicharonnes- nothing like deep fried fat.

Food memory from childhood- eating the "snak and a half" Ice cream sandwich made with oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate- Chapman's makes one now apparently.

Celebrity chef: Gordon Ramsey- For some reason I find him sexy.

Signature dish- Veal Rouladen. Yum.

Smellanie- You forgot to include your own picks!

2009 Jul 11

Good Cole Slaw


Hmmm, I guess I eat the odd bag of potato chips

Not eating anything (see my profile)

Nobody. Don't have TV so don't watch celebrity chefs. Though Jamie Oliver if I had to choose

Hmmm, I've got a lot of signature dishes - hard to pick just one. I'll say Meat Pie.

2009 Jul 11
cracker: PC brand cheddar & jalapeno cornmeal cracker or Carr's water cracker or home made Bleu cheese cracker

snack food: Jamaican XXXX hot patties or my buddy's, Herbert, saltfish patties or wasabi peas

wine: Dowie Doole reserve shiraz or The White Viognier

shame: ranch Pringles

memo: the first pattie I ever ate and mi mum showing me how to cook

celeb chef: Morimoto-san

sig dish: Panseared Scallops, baby bok choy & tomato-ginger beurre blanc or Cedar-planked Whole duck with 5 spice, Acacia Honey and Thai chilis or lobster banh mi (the pic I use as my avatar)

2009 Jul 11
Wasa multigrain (great stuff!)
Trail mix
DQ large cone (but I'm not ashamed)
Standing up in grade 4 and announcing knackwurst and sauerkraut was my favourite meal after 20 or so other kids just said pizza - endless ribbing ensued
Tie: Jacques Pépin and Madhur Jaffrey

2009 Jul 11
oh I need to add another celeb chef:
the man who set me on this road and inspired and educated me with his two Iconic books, Jacques Pepin...big up!

thanx AMR for reminding me where my culinary roots first set down

2009 Jul 11
Cracker (no toppings):
* Those puffy pastry-like crackers that only seem to come in the giant boxes of "Deluxe Biscuits for Cheese". That said, I tire quickly of eating any one food and often have crackers and cookies go stale before I finish the box.

Snack food (I will accept a combo here):
* Nachos, spicy peanuts, corn chips, most salty fried things

Bottle of wine:
* Wolf Blass Brown-label Shiraz (I forget which year the awesome one I had was)

Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends):
* Plastic cheese (the hot nacho kind), but I readily admit my ghetto tastes.

Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*):
* Hundreds! Fondues, raclette, hibachi-grilled steak with johnny cake, kefir popsicles, weenie roasts, landjaeger with heavy crusty bread, chow mein, and cooking bacon in foil on a fire of twigs that I started with a magnifying glass.

Celebrity chef:
* Don't have network TV but I used to like Anne Willan, the Barefoot Contessa, Michael Smith (I need to go read Ron Eade's interview), Alton Brown, Jacques Pépin. Most of the others are a bit annoying to me, with Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay being the worst.

Signature dish (that you make from scratch):
* Probably the tenderloin (pork or beef) medallions with mushroom cream sauce on egg noodles that I learned from my mom.

2009 Jul 11
Favourite cracker: The "no topping" stipulation means that Triscuit wins, hands-down. Full-salt.

Snack food: Homemade party mix, AKA "nuts and bolts". The best thing to ever happen to butter, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic salt.

Bottle of wine: One that I'm serving to friends.

Shame food: I will freely admit to anything that I like, no matter how shameful ;)

Food memory from childhood: Having to live off of raisins, oranges, and saltines for weeks after coming down with a stomach bug that rendered me unable to keep anything down and completely wiped out my intestinal flora.

Celebrity chef: Currently Heston Blumenthal. Him or Martin Picard. It changes all the time.

Signature dish: Steak frites.

2009 Jul 11
Sorry Pan Bagnat, I was too interested to read others' answers and forgot to add my own!

Cracker: Stoned Wheat Thins (oooo the saltiness and bits of grain)

Snack food: Genoa salami (spicy or mild) with fresh baguette / salted butter

Bottle of wine: 2006 Red Knot Shiraz

Shame food: Processed cheese slices (look away...DON'T LOOK AT ME!)

Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): My grandma's lunches (she'd put out buns, meat, cheese, veggies, condiments, and pickles and you got to build your own sandwich). I loved it.

Celebrity chef: Martin Picard

Signature dish (that you make from scratch): Chicken Big Mamou on pasta. It's a very spicy (but so delicious) Cajun chicken / tomato sauce tossed in a skillet with fresh pasta. It's labour intenstive but so worth it. Needs a tall glass of very cold milk.

2009 Jul 11
i like this...


Snack food
anything salty

Bottle of wine
anything but merlot

Shame food
no shame - if it tastes good, eat it!

Food memory from childhood
dad buying an entire lamb and us finding new recipes for the different cuts of meat

Celebrity chef
Hiroyuki Sakai, Iron Chef
Guy Fieri (use the term "chef" quite loosely here - more celebrity "food personality")

Signature dish
lots - anything eastern european or maybe one of the simple casseroles my mom taught me how to make

2009 Jul 11
haha - "if anyone orders merlot, I'm leaving!" I feel the same way, Monty.

Neat topic! Where are yours, Smellanie?

Cracker - def. Triscuit. This is so weird because I totally just had this discussion with a friend. Plain Ritz crackers are yummy too.

Snack food - popcorn with extra butter, or cherries, or apples. (I'm failing at this and giving three answers for each!)

Bottle of wine - red: an Australian shiraz or California pinot noir, depending on my mood. white: New Zealand sauv blanc wins me every time.

Shame food - All Bran. I really like a bowl of it with blueberries for breakfast, but everyone always makes with the poop jokes.

Food memory - my dad made spaghetti ("sketti") sauce that was to die for. we'd have it once a week when I was a kid.

Celebrity Chef - Nigella Lawson

Signature dish - chocolate chip cookies

2009 Jul 11
That cinches it: I'm bringing Merlot to the party ;)

2009 Jul 11
I'm only a former Ottawa foodie (although I'll be there in exactly two weeks for a visit - looking forward to eating some tasty stuff!)... but here's my answers. :)

Cracker (no toppings): Triscuit Black Pepper & Olive Oil flavour
Snack food (I will accept a combo here): tortilla chips and salsa
Bottle of wine: very hard call, changes frequently! Right now: Duboeuf Beaujolais Villages
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): I'm not really shamed by any food! But I do love Kraft processed cheese slices. Not exactly gourmet. :p
Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): My dad's pancakes on Sunday mornings. Not every Sunday but it was one of the things my dad was good at making. :)
Celebrity chef: Jamie Kennedy
Signature dish (that you make from scratch): I make a LOT of stuff from scratch, so it's hard to choose a signature dish. I'm probably best 'known' for either my vegan cupcakes (chocolate with vegan 'buttercream') or my banana bread.

2009 Jul 11
Sorry Momo - I totally forgot to mention the one rule of the patio - no merlot allowed ;)

Candice - I love Duboeuf Beaujolais!

2009 Jul 11
Cracker (no toppings): Since I started making crackers my favourite has become Alton Brown's Seedy Crisps; storebought would be Triscuit Rosemar & Olive Oil; however I recently tried Pan bagnat's fave, Grissol's Rustic Flatbreads, and was much impressed; I bought them again and was much less impressed so I have to buy them again to see which it is (I think they may have a problem with a consistent product?).

Snack food (I will accept a combo here): My Nuts 'n Bolts (I'll add some liquid smoke to Momomoto's list of ingredients as well as fresh garlic).

Bottle of wine: This year? 2007 Estate Bottled Cave Spring Reisling; old, old fave Henckell Trocken.

Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Our Compliments Butter Toffee cookies - I don't buy cookies, but these I buy, and I am ashamed to admit it. =;0)

Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): My memory is of the Tuesday dish made with Sunday's roast beef: shepherd's pie made with real gravy, served with creamed corn - I'd mix them together and called it goulash.

Celebrity chef: Don't really have one but if forced will shamefully admit (is more shame allowed?) to having a crush on Nigella (though really I can count on 2 hands the number of times I've seen her); I can't imagine that Pam has a crush on her so what's up with that? The one "celebrity" chef I'd like to talk to is Giada (I'd tell her to button up - her shirt, that is!).

Signature dish (that you make from scratch): Again, I don't really have one imo, but I asked dw and for her it's my Parisienne gnocchi.

2009 Jul 11
LOL @ Pam

Andy, you you leave Giada alone ;)

2009 Jul 11
I love Nigella's recipes! And I might have a crush. There's nothing wrong with that ;)

For pure crush-ism though - Gordon Ramsay - no idea why - he's not even cute =/

2009 Jul 11
I want to play too! :)

Cracker: Triscuits, the Thin ones

Snack Food: Too many to mention - I'm a junk food fanatic. I guess my fave would be plain, salted Lay's

Bottle of wine: Does Veuve Clicquot count?

Shame food: Again, too many to count, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Some that stand out - Kraft Dinner, and Ichiban Ramen Noodles

Food memory from childhood: My mom's chicken adobo (a Filipino dish) , My Italian "mom"'s homemade ragu

Celebrity chef: Alton Brown (is he really a "chef" though?) I guess Giada would be a better choice

Signature dish: I don't cook , but I make a mean deep dish pizza dough :P

2009 Jul 12
Crackers: if no toppings allowed, i might say sembei (Jpn rice-crackers).

Snack Food: popcorn + hot-sauce (runner up: licorice)

Bottle of wine: yes, absolutely (barolo if i can afford it, anything if you're buying)

Shame food: like rdmsgirl, packaged ramen (Korean for me)

Food memory from childhood: first time i was fed soft-boiled eggs (complete disdain at the time)

Celebrity chef: do John Candy's (SCTV) impersonations of Julia Child count? (probably dates me!)

Signature dish: used to be Thai curries, now i've devolved into pimping pizza's

2009 Jul 12
Cracker (no toppings): Oh, Ritz.

Snack food (I will accept a combo here): Popcorn for late evening, bread and cheese at all times.

Bottle of wine: Honestly, I haven't got a favourite - I can't discriminate.

Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): handfuls of marshmallows and chocolate chips. Oh, and a Harvey's burger.

Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): I accidentally preheated the oven the night before Christmas to bake cookies and didn't realise the turkey was in the oven on a baking sheet. I opened the door to put in the cookies and found I'd shrink-wrapped the turkey to the baking sheet. It was a touchy situation in the house that night!

Celebrity chef: Gordon Ramsay and Duff Goldman

Signature dish (that you make from scratch): any number of gourmet ice creams. I'm the full fat cream queen!

2009 Jul 12
Crackers (no toppings): those boring premium plus w salt. We weren't allowed them growing up so I used to eat them at a friends and never outgrew the craving.
Snack: cravings drive desire here - popcorn though to keep weight in check.
Wine: heavy red - any - oak flavoring
Shame Food: Pork fat - fried crisp

Memory Food: - Eating wild strawberries, more on our fingers, I think

Celebrity Chef: - yes, mean Gord Ramsey

Signature Dish: Hot cheese and crabmeat spread with Baked Pita Bread; but I would LOVE the recipe from Candice for Vegan cupcakes!

2009 Jul 12

This is the cupcake base:

The icing in that post is not vegan, but here's the one I do if I need or want to do vegan. It's taken and lightly modified from 'Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World':

1 cup non hydrogenated margarine (I use butter flavour Earth Balance)
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar, sifted if needed
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup plain or vanilla soy milk

Beat margarine and sugar together until fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add vanilla and soymilk and beat an additional 5-7 minutes until fluffy.

You can add stuff into the icing, like cookie crumbs, candy bits, etc. Just make sure whatever you choose is vegan friendly. :)

2009 Jul 13
Finn Crisp
BBQ Ringolos
Amarone - Luigi Righetti
Arby's Sandwich
Snarfing chocolate chips from my mum's pantry
Don't watch celebrity chefs
Hmmm... when I was in school, would have been roast turkey or beef, but now is Rack of Lamb with Dijon and Graham crust. Haven't made it lately though....

2009 Jul 13
Crackers: Wheat Thins

Snack Food: Carrots (seriously)

Bottle of wine: Peay Scallop Shelf Pinot '06

Shame food: Blue Ribbon Bologna (preferrably fried, with a plastic Kraft Single,
on Wonder White bread with French's yellow mustard)

Food memory from childhood: Dad's BBQ chicken

Celebrity chef: Guy Fieri (but only because of triple-D)

Signature dish: Drunken Pot Roast

2009 Jul 13
Crackers: Panmonviso (any flavour... absolutely delicious)

Snack Food: Chips (Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion)

Bottle of Wine: Amarone (Valpollicelo)

Shame food: Instant noodles (preferably with fried Spam and a fried egg on top)

Food memory from childhood: Helping mom cook/going over to the godparents for Italian food.

Celebrity chef: Ramsay

Signature dish: Haven't really discovered what mine is (too young!)

2009 Jul 13
Cracker (no toppings): Ritz

Snack food (I will accept a combo here): Cheese. But if you mean more junk food, Bytowne Popcorn mixed with M&M peanuts.

Bottle of wine: Gewurtztraminer from Alsace. Just don't tell my friends and family who live along the Mosel Valley in Germany.

Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Easter cream eggs.

Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): Placing a ball of Playdoh "sour cream" into the chili that I refused to eat, and my mother believing that it was sour cream. And easter egg hunts at my grandmum's.

Celebrity chef: Rachel Ray! No. Um, really. Jamie Oliver. Hands down. But only for his books (I don't watch celebrity chefs on TV)

Signature dish (that you make from scratch): Vanilla cake with the best chocolate buttercream. Oh. And my salads are famous. All of them.

2009 Jul 14
Cracker (no toppings): Triscuits

Snack food (I will accept a combo here): Anything salty

Bottle of wine: right now it’s Cave Springs Gamay

Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Chips or cheezies. (I am not really ashamed of it they are the only junk food I really eat.)

Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): Retro foods

Celebrity chef: Anthony Bourdain

Signature dish (that you make from scratch): Salads

2009 Jul 14
Cracker - Used to love the Swiss Cheese, but when they had a sale on Triscuits and tried them, I fell in love with them!

Snack Food - Chocolate, chips, or DQ Blizzard.

Wine - Ice Wine

Shame Food - Ugh...KFC. Usually when I'm down and feeling blue.

Food Memory - Quiche. And Ox tail stew my mum made. MMMMMMMM....

Celebrity Chef - Michael Smith. But gotta give some love to my culinary chefs; Flemming, Fairbanks, Edwards and Toffanello! THey are celebs to me!

Signature Dish - None yet, but successfully made a five herb burger. Was outstanding!

2009 Jul 14
Great idea for a topic!

PC Blue Menu Wheat & Onion Crackers

Snack food
Cheese & Crackers

Bottle of wine
Any Viogner - Cono Sur started putting one out this year - reasonable!

Shame food
Yes - I too am a lover of Processed Cheese Slices!! Just roll 'em and pop 'em in your mouth.....

Food memory from childhood
My parents burning the hair off a cow's foot before making souse (pickled feet), for Easter.

Celebrity chef
Rick Bayless & Gordon Ramsay

Signature dish
Mushroom Barley Risotto w/ Pan-seared Scallops

2009 Jul 14
Rick Bayless is outstanding

processed cheese seems to get the nod from quite a few peeps

2009 Jul 14
Cracker- Bretons crackers and Triscuits

Wine - don't have a fav

Shame food - Chips, any and all chips are loved by yours truly can't keep them in
the house.

Food Memory from Childhood- My paternal grandma's molasses cookies and also her
bread pudding.

Celebrity Chef- Mario Batali, I do also like Jamie Oliver

Signature dish- ?? Anything soup-like related is usually a hit.

2009 Jul 14
Cracker - sea veggie rice crackers.

Snack food - these cherries I'm nibbling right now are pretty terrific, but seldom available, so I'll say mixed nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds), lightly salted.

Wine - the best Pinot Noir I can afford... better yet, the best Pinot Noir I can't afford... maybe a Burgundy from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti.

Shame food - gotta be potato chips, though I don't indulge often, honest!

Food memory - when I was a kid, I used to make a snack by buttering some bread (white, natch) and then sprinkling it with brown sugar. Cringe!

Celebrity chef - truth be told, I don't watch any of 'em, but I'll go with Jamie Oliver since I've seen him on Letterman a few times, and he was amusing.

Signature dish - none really, since I seldom solo in the kitchen, deferring to my wife's greater expertise in that department. I used to whip up a mean coq au vin in my younger days, though.

2009 Jul 15
Obi and processed cheese lovers: too true! What is it about salty plastic cheese that makes it so forbidden and delicious? Just like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, I think everyone has their own way of eating them.

I, for instance, peel the plastic off, fold the "cheese" in half and then fold in half again (to create a four-layered square). Then I take small bites as if eating a sandwich.

I really am as odd as I sound.

I also systematically roll the crust off croissants to expose that chewy chewy nuggest of deliciousness inside. Ooooo pass the butter and jam....

2009 Jul 16
Cracker: Grissol Melba Rounds
Snack Food: Salt and Vinegar chips
Bottle of Wine: Casal Thaulero Sangiovese
Shame Food: Schneider Red Hots
Food Memory: Corn Flakes with hot milk
Celebrity Chef: Rob Feenie
Signature Dish: Honey Dijon rack of lamb with parmasean mashed potatoes.

2009 Jul 16
Cracker: don't eat crackers, except at parties or son's cheesy shark crackers

Snack Food: almonds - any style except sweetened

Bottle of Wine: italian processo

Shame Food: humpty dumpty brand sour cream onion rings

Food Memory: warmed buttertarts with maple ice cream at my grandparent's every night after dinner.

Celebrity Chef: don't have tv, don't know any.

Signature Dish: many... most requests are for homemade cheese bread and soup or chili.

2009 Jul 16
chef obi, my husband just bought those jalapeno and cornbread crackers and they are really good! not something i would eat alot of, but very good.

2009 Jul 17
Cracker (no toppings): Carr's water, or poppyseed
Snack food (I will accept a combo here): Tacos, chips & salsa, broiled cheese on bread
Bottle of wine: Preferably one that contains wine?
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): There are so many... fried bologna might top that list though.
Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): Biting into & spitting out shot from freshly hunted partridge.
Celebrity chef: This is tough, Jacques Pepin & Gordon Ramsey for completely different reasons. And maybe Nigella Lawson for 2 very obvious ones (sorry, bad joke, but I really do like her).
Signature dish (that you make from scratch): Pozole rojo, ribs/pulled pork

2009 Jul 20
Cracker (no toppings): Goldfish crackers (I buy them for my son. Really.)
Snack food: fruit or yoghurt if I'm trying to be healthy; any sweet item in the cupboard if I'm not!
Bottle of wine: not into wine
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Chocolates out of the box. Why is it that I don't feel at all guilty about eating a chocolate bar, but eating chocos from the box seems gluttonous? Likely because chocolates are "supposed" to be shared. Eating them all yourself is like buying a whole cake and not sharing it...
Food memory from childhood: sneaking French Vanilla cookies from their hiding place while my grandfather snoozed on the couch. Then I'd scrape off the frosting with my teeth and eat them bit by bit. I didn't really like them but they were fun to eat.
Celebrity chef: M.F.K. Fisher
Signature dish (that you make from scratch): chole masala (chick pea curry) I even had it included in a United Way cookbook put out by my workplace a few years ago!

2009 Jul 20
Ms. Foodie, you just reminded me that I have half a Ritter Sport bar hiding in my desk...mmmm Chocolate + hazelnut = love.

2009 Jul 20
Ooh, I like those Ritter bars too, especially the rum n' raisin one. You can really taste the booze! Chocolate + rum + raisins = chocolate hangover

2009 Jul 21
Cracker : Vegetable Thins
Snack food: BBQ Ruffles
Bottle of wine: Wyndham Bin 555 Shiraz or Cave Spring Riesling
Shame food : egg mcmuffins
Food memory from childhood: Baking with my mother
Celebrity chef: Anthony Bourdain
Signature dish: caesar salad "tacos"

2009 Jul 30
someone say rum raisin chocolate?

2009 Jul 30
Cracker : FinnCrisps with caraway seeds
Snack Food : cherry tomatoes
Wine : La Domaine sparkling red wine from South Africa
Shame food : Peanut butter by the spoonful
Food memory : my Mothers home made bread, waking up every Sunday morning to the wonderful smell of bread baking.
Celebrity Chef : Cat Cora
Signature dish : Roast leg of lamb with roast potatoes

2009 Jul 31
Cracker: Those Mary's Organic ones with brown rice, flax and sesame
Snack food: fresh figs
Bottle of wine: Most anything from Chateauneuf du Pape
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): nutella
Food memory from childhood: family dinners, picking blueberries on top of mountains
Celebrity chef: not really into that scene, I have a Jamie Oliver book I like
Signature dish (that you make from scratch): I love making omlettes

2009 Aug 1
Cracker: Caraway rye Triscuits
Snack food: Right now, cherries with salted nuts. Year round, tortilla chips with salsa con queso
Bottle of wine: Something cheap enough to drink every day, yet good enough that you'd want to. Some South American reds hit that sweet spot on the price/quality chart.
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Biscuits with leftover KFC gravy for breakfast.
Food memory from childhood: Forced labour on my grandma's berry picking expeditions, then being rewarded with her great "blueburry" or "churry" pie. (She had a very strong Valley accent.)
Celebrity chef: He's more of a professional glutton than a chef, but I like Guy Fieti's goofy enthusiasm.
Signature dish: My cooking is mostly competent but not exceptional, but my chili is world class.

2009 Aug 6
Cracker: PC Rosemary and onion flatbreads
Snack food: Que Pasa corn chips and my homemade salsa
Bottle of wine: Oyster Bay Chardonnay at the moment
Shame food: Not sure. Handfuls of chocolate chips (not really ashamed of that).
Food memory from childhood: Sitting in my grandparent's kitchen, and eating freshly picked vegetables (especially lettuce) from their garden dunked in Miracle Whip.
Celebrity chef: Jamie Oliver
Signature dish: Butternut squash risotto

2009 Aug 6
Cracker: pepperidge farm cheddar goldfish
Snack food: chocolate chip cookies / ice cream / biscotti with coffee
Bottle of wine: don't really drink, novice/occasional wine drinker
Shame food: zesty cheese doritos / ruffles sour cream n onion chips / mrs vickies lime and black pepper
Food memory from childhood: buttered green peas with steak
Celebrity chef: someone should teach jamie oliver about sanitation and sterile technique. this person is absolutely disgusting if you pay attention to where his hands cross contaminate.
Signature dish (that you make from scratch): 15 layer lasagna bolognese with a middle layer of ricotta, baked golden top of multi-cheese blend, garnished with: balsamic reduction, chive oil, dribble of bacon bits, microgreens and a few flox flowers, white truffle foam.

2009 Aug 10
Cracker (no toppings): Viva (I think that is what they are called - rarely eat crackers though)
Snack food : Grapes, blueberries, chocolate covered granola bars.
Bottle of wine: Hardy's Gewurztraminer
Shame food : cake! Plain vanilla cake with buttercream icing (Loblaws, the girl with the most cake) Only eat cake 4-6 times a year though...
Food memory from childhood : Naan and Rajmah (kidney beans) My dad had an Indian restaurant
Celebrity chef: Guy Fieri, Giada & Michael Smith
Signature dish: Vegetarian Lasagna

2009 Aug 11

Cracker (no toppings): Triscuit for sure.

Snack food (I will accept a combo here): Triscuit with a bit of cheese melted over it, and maybe cracked peppercorn.

Bottle of wine: I don't drink alcohol... ever.

Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Nibs

Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): Hotdog water, I used to drink the contents of my thermos after eating the tubes of mystery meat.

Celebrity chef: Martin Picard

Signature dish (that you make from scratch): I am not a chef, but my wife sure makes some good meals. If you can call this a dish from scratch this is about the best I can do... Sourdough bread grilled in a pan, with real chicken, cheese and fake ready crisp bacon, a little mayo and cut into sandwich size pieces. Artery clogging goodness!

2009 Oct 30
^ Bump ^

This may be of some interest to new user Amusebouche (and anyone else who has joined since it first appeared... or just missed it the first time round).

Smellanie created the topic shortly after she joined Ottawa Foodies in the summertime, as a method of getting to know folks abit better, and oh ya, for its entertaining quality as well...


Lady Who Brunches - LOL, yes my "archival" mind had no problem finding the oF post that you mentioned.

2009 Oct 30
I think I missed this first time around!

Cracker (no toppings): Wheat Thins
Snack food (I will accept a combo here): V8, string cheese, chocolate chip cookies
Bottle of wine: Shiraz or Reisling
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Kraft Dinner, string cheese, pickled hot dogs... lol!
Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*): Dunking white cheddar cheese in orange juice, mom's pancakes, my dad teaching me to cook (we'd make omelets and sloppy joes)
Celebrity chef: Barefoot Contessa
Signature dish (that you make from scratch): Cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes

2009 Oct 30
Thank you to Lady who brunches for mentioning this thread and to Food and Think for bumping it up : )

Cracker (no toppings): Rain Coast crisps - the dried cranberry version.
Snack food (I will accept a combo here): cheese, especially double cream brie and crackers
Bottle of wine: Shiraz or Barolo if I'm choosing, but basically if there's alcohol in it I'll drink it ; )
Shame food (you wouldn't readily admit it to foodie friends): Kraft Dinner the white cheese kind
Food memory from childhood (c'mon on, you must have at least *one*) My dad bringing home a whole suckling pig to roast over an open spit, or making homemade bread with my Grandmother.
Celebrity chef: Eric Ripart or Tom Colicchio
Signature dish (that you make from scratch): While I am no trained chef, I certainly try my best : ) This is a tough one because I try to excell at both savoury and sweet. My most recent dish was braised pork belly with homemade beans. It was definitely a winner : )

2009 Oct 30
Cracker: Wheat Thins!!
Snack food: goat cheese on baguette with dates... mmm
Bottle of wine: I do not like wine very much. Sacrilege I know, but whatever.. I just don't like it.
Shame food: I eat an ungodly amount of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Food memory from childhood: My mom's signature dish was toast with peanut butter spread on top, with slices of bacon, then covered with a processed cheese slice and put under the broiler. WTF?! Or the time my dad went hunting, killed a cow, butchered it and put it in our cold storage so we could eat all winter. Cue vegetarianism.
Celebrity chef: Oh man.. Paula Deen <3
Signature dish: I live and spend most of the my time alone, so I only ever cook for myself. I eat A LOT of curry... I'd like to think I'm pretty okay at making it.

2009 Oct 31
Cracker: Sesame rice crackers
Snack food: Movie Popcorn with butter half way (not topping). I will eat it till my jaw hurts!
Bottle of wine: I rarely drink wine anymore (always playing taxi for teenage daughter), but when I do I drink Beaujolais
Shame food: Double cheeseburger combo from McDonald's
Food memory from childhood: Trying guacamole for the first time at an airport in was love at first bite!
Celebrity Chef: Gordon Ramsay
Signature dish: Guacamole

2009 Oct 31
Cracker: saltines
Snack Food: kosher half-sour dill pickles, in cloudy brine, not vinegar
Bottle of Wine: Argentine Malbec in winter, gewurtztraminer in summer
Shame food: poutine
Food memory from childhood: Chicken soup with cordyceps, after watching my dad slit a live chicken's throat, collect the blood in a bowl, and pluck the feathers after dunking the corpse in a hot water bath.
Celebrity Chef: Anthony Bourdain
Signature dish: chicken and chestnut stew

2009 Nov 15
i love filling these types of things out :)

& wheat thins

Snack food:
& aged cheese and veggies

Bottle of wine:
& 2006 masi bardolino classico frescaripa

Shame food:
& mcdonalds' filet o fish... i have maybe, once a year when i end up at a mcdonalds?

Food memory from childhood:
& making peanut butter balls with chocolate chips and selling them on the sidewalk of my house.

Celebrity chef:
& i grew up watching 'the naked chef' as a kid so jamie oliver. now i use his cookbooks, trying to get into the swing of things. his ingredients are simple, and easy to find. dishes are delicious for a beginner like myself :)

Signature dish:
& tagliattelle with spinach, mascarpone and parmesan.