Montreal>>>good, reasonable places to eat? [Travel]

2009 Jun 24
Just returned from a few days away in Montreal. I should have checked here before venturing into some of the spots there.
General comments:
A couple of spots in Place Jacques Cartier...over priced mediocre food, pasta sauce reheated, panini dull and dry, service was as if we where putting them out (Maybe its the way they are in Montreal) Today had a server remind me that in Montreal service charges are 15% and not the 10% I gave. Gladly gave generously to the busker....excellent!!!
Breakfast in the hotel was excellent...buffet, lots of fresh fruit.
Chinese buffet in Chinatown was 7 out of 10 and better than the night before.
Went down Saint Denis>>>mostly drunks and homeless people.

Any suggestions for a good quality meal for 5-6 people, reasonably priced in Montreal?

Will always go back to Montreal>>>Montreal is what Ottawa isn't.

2009 Aug 5
How about bringing an authentic cake or bread from Premiere Moisson when you are shopping in downtown Montreal?

2009 Aug 5
If you are on diet, you can consider the mini ones from Premiere Moisson? Yum....