What's in your freezer? [General]

2009 Jun 13
Current contents of my freezer: cake.

Sometimes there are ice cube trays in there too, but they weren't fitting in with the cakes so I had to take them out ;)

2009 Jun 13
Ice cubes, paramesan rind, dried ancho, ginger, LUSH soap (!?), 2 packs of bacon, a pack of Nathan's Hot Dogs, Pascale's Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream, ice packs, 2 lbs of butter, wax coated cheddar, a variety of frozen berries & rhubarb, Limoncello, dark chicken stock, pozole rojo con pollo, cryovac'd pork tenderloin, 2 homemade curry chicken pot pies, and about 1.5lbs of my own ground beef (from my meat grinder).

2009 Jun 13
CAKE! this thread should have been "if you could only have 1 thing in your freezer what would it be?" hahaha

we typically work on a just-in-time system for groceries

current contents - ice, Bacardi margarita/pina colada mixes, strawberries, 2x2lb ground beef, bacon

just moved in a few weeks ago so there isn't any junk that's been hiding in the back of the freezer. you know, that stuff that sits there and you say "oh i'll get around to using that" then a year later it's unidentifiable.

chim: where'd you score the Nathan's dogs? don't act like that the LUSH products aren't yours *snicker*

2009 Jun 13
Many mysterious things!

At some point we really have to take an inventory of it and keep it up to date like we do with our home-canned goods inventory.

Mostly meat - and most of that local organic. But that is probably only 75% of what is in there.

In 2 deep freezes totally 17CF

2009 Jun 13
- Bag of peas
- Bag of edamame
- Bag of corn
- left over salted caramel icing
- soy ice cream (cherry chocolate)
- ice cube trays
- ice cream attachment to my Kitchenaid Mixer
- gel ice pack (for injuries)
- two kinds of gin

Hmm, that would be one interesting party. ;)

2009 Jun 13
There might be more behind this. I'm just sayin'.

1 - Overripe bananas for banana bread
2 - Xacuti masala (Similar but not identical to www.goaholidayhomes.com)
3 - Stupid Tenderflake pie shell that I've been meaning to use forever but haven't
4 - Thermometer
5 - Aalborg Krone Aquavit (flavoured with dill, caraway, and other things)
6 - Tomato sauce
7 - Single Kaiser roll
8 - Six egg whites
9 - Lobster carcasses
10 - Bread (keeps it fresh all week!)
11 - Slab bacon
12 - Kaffir lime leaves

2009 Jun 13
And let's not forget the door.

13 - Jeera meera masala (cumin-peppercorn-clove-ginger-cinnamon-turmeric in a MAGIC PROPORTION that I won't tell you)
14 - Shmaltz
15 - All-purpose spice rub (usually for making spiced nuts)
16 - Ginger
17 - Powdered coconut (usually for curries, e.g. xacuti)
18 - Veal stock
19 - Herbed compound butter

2009 Jun 13
Pam - Wow what a great (and fun) topic.

I got to do a mini inventory at the same time (although I am usually on top of this stuff).

* Freezer Bottles (Bottles of Frozen Water that go into the Day Cooler on short outings)
* A big old Beef Bone (for beef stock)
* Whole Cranberries
* 5 Cans of Juice (of which I see only 2 are not past-due)
* A Bag of McCain Fries
* 3 PC Appys (Noodle Wrapped Shrimp - Salmon Skewers - Mini Quiches)
* 1 Tray of Ice Cubes (need to make more)
* Loaf of Light Rye Bread
* 2 Sausages (not sure what kind)
* Package of Hot Italian Sausages from the Butcher
* Package of Steaks from the Butcher
* Package of Bacon
* Almost finished Container of Maple Walnut Ice Cream (still tastes good had some with butter ripple liqueur just last week)
* 4 Hamburger Buns
* A pound of Hamburger
* 4 Small Lobsters
* A California Roast
* Bag of Corn
* A Package of Chicken Breasts

Interestingly, I see that my quickie wine cooler gel-pack has not been returned to the Freezer... will ask "The Man" if he knows where it has gotten to... as it needs to be ready for any last minute picnics.

Momomoto - Wow great graphics... I haven't a clue how you did that, but I am thoroughly impressed!

2009 Jun 13
FYI, I used a nifty little program called Skitch, which lets you mark-up and upload pictures with the greatest of ease. Also takes screenshots.

Although in hindsight I should have doubled the size of the font I used, since the picture was shrunken down so much. Oh well!


2009 Jun 13
Monty - I honestly have no idea what the Lush product is doing in there, it's right next to the icepack-eyemask-thing (I have to admit, it's great for hangovers)! I also have a whole pack of Sabrett's hot dogs as well (I get them south of the border, only have one Nate dog left, boo).

Momo - I've got a sack of kaffir lime leaves in there as well. Yum! Almost forgot about those.

2009 Jun 13
There'd be curry leaves in there, too, if it weren't for the fact I done used them all and haven't bought more.

2009 Jun 14

2009 Jun 14
okay the monosyllabic response was supposed to be funny

lemmesee, my freezer:

demi glace
canned crabmeat (wild caught Vietnamese blue crabs)
kaffir lime leaves
oyster bisque
various potstickers
ketel one vodka
level vodka
Cali wild caught shrimp
cobia fillets
albacore fillets
remains of dead servers (shhhhhhhhhh!)

2009 Jun 14
My freezer is has frozen mixed fruit, shrimp, scallops, salmon, vegetarian chicken breasts, tofu, rib eye steak, cilantro and veggie burgers.

My mother's freezer acts like a garbage preservation device- she tries a recipe that she doesn't like and instead of throwing it out, she puts it in the freezer. We have an on going joke that she's concealing a corpse in her deep freeze because nobody knows what lies within.

2009 Jun 14
Man, I'd love to raid some of your freezers...

I've got:

3 venison steaks, hunted by my aunt and uncle
a slab of haddock
2 ice cube trays
one of those gel packs for sports injuries
low-calorie popsicles

2009 Jun 14
- ice cubes ;-)
- wild venison
- italian sausages
- licks burger patties
- kaiser buns
- chinese buns
- bag of edamame
- bag of corn
- 2x bag of peas
- bag of mixed vegies
- a turkey (99 cents a lb - 3 or 4 months ago!)
- beef suet (for the birds in winter)
- dried & brined shrimp
- calamari
- salmon filets
- haddock filets
- chili
- lobster broth
- chicken broth
- chicken thighs and chicken breasts
- 2 steaks (maybe 3!)
- bacon
- a few mystery leftovers
- half bottle of vodka (which was a full bottle yesterday, rough morning.)

-EDIT: forgot the wontons

2009 Jun 14
Duh! Why didn't I think of my beer fridge freezer?

This is mostly hops though of course you can see a frozen concentrated juice that my wife put in the bottom center :-) And on the left are little individual-batch-sized vacuum sealed bags of both coriander and bitter orange peel for making a Belgian Wit. There are also many vacuum-sealed packages of dry beer yeast in there as well.

2009 Jun 14
just found:
bag WA State brambleberries (rasp x blackeberries)
beaverbrook bacon
beaverbrook duck burgers
cilantro roots
scotch bonnets
pork skin slivers (for Thai ham)
something wrapped in foil from my ex-gf (probably that chicken with dill and sichaun peppercorns.....not to my taste...now in the bin)
looking for the fermented lamb her aunt gave me............

2009 Jun 14
okay, here we go in no paticular order

Paragas cuban cigars
Romeo and Julite cuban cigar
chili verde
kimchi dumpling
various pot stickers
flour tortillas
brased boar feet
brasied beef short ribs
lamb stock
veal stock
veal demi
chicken stock
chicken porcini stock
lamb porcini stock
shrimp stock
lobster stock
date chutney
chili paste
lime leafs
curry leafs
bay leafs
split pea soup
molten chocolate cakes to be
filo pastry
puff pastry
mushroom duxelle
lobster mushrooms in olive oil
chantchrelles in butter
chicken and 5 mushroom pie
birch syrup
banana leafs
smoothie fruit, berries, bananas, figs, cherries etc..
whole lobe foie gras (shhh)
nettle milkweed and lambs quarter spanakopitas
5 game terrine
rabbit terrine
boar terrine
pea meal bacon
porcini bacon
black pepper bacon
streaky bacon
chorizo (mexican style)
elk and black trumpet sausage
whole beef tenderlion
leg of lamb
sirlion of lamb
pig tails
pig jowls
shrimp paste
shrimp eggs (dried)
green peas
some black looking bananas
and two bags of ??? (in the bin now)

ZYM----> how much a kilo for the stuff in the bottem right of your fridge? Looks like a potent blend! lol

2009 Jun 14
^ lol. i wouldn't mind raiding zymurgist's freezer (hops...mmmkay) then scarfing a sandwich with da butcher's 4 kinds of bacon (plus pancetta!)

2009 Jun 14
sorry, I only have 1 kind of (home made) bacon in my freezer :-)

2009 Jun 14
Off the top of my head:

ice cubes
lemon juice (in cubes)
chicken stock (in cubes)
bananas for banana bread/milkshakes
corn tortillas
pasta sauce
buttercream icing
baguette, sliced
ice pack for injuries

and two very high sodium tv dinners bought on a whim...oh well.

2009 Jun 14
DB & Monty - and that's the reason why I did not take a photo of my freezer. Bogarts!

2009 Jun 14
just added:
Chinese bacon
chopped thai chilis
freshly smoked ancho chilis
chopin vodka

and to eat during the week:
homemade Jamaican oxtail stew
homemade Jamaican chicken curry

2009 Jun 15
Ice, homemade chicken and beef stock, homemade white and dark veal stock, veal demi, lots of meat, puff pastry, pasta sauce, bowl for ice cream maker, various bones for stock making, duck fat, french fries, frozen yogurt, popsicles, and assorted chiles. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

2009 Jun 15
Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me you guys! One of the other things I have in behind all that other freezer stuff is a bag of veal demiglace cubes. Should probably use those; they've been there a while ;)

2009 Jun 15
1 duck (from a friend's farm)
1 pack of pork ribs
box of chicken breasts (from Lavergne's)
Chocolate brownie ice cream
a well wrapped up paint brush
ground beef
ground pork
Atlantic salmon
assorted chiller packs
blueberries (I think there's only a handful though)
ice cubes
1 turkey (will be deep fried this summer)(friend's farm)
1 chicken (friend's farm....he's a good friend)

and a partridge in a pear tree!

Butcher, some connoisseurs would say it's a sin to
keep cigars in the freezer, apparently it dries them out. I'm not a connoisseur but I do have room in my humidor.

2009 Jun 16
I just happened to clean out my freezer last weekend. Pretty slim pickin's right now because I'm trying to nuke leftovers.

roasted veggies (zucchini, peppers, eggplant for wraps)
purιed eggplant (for baba ganoush)
naan bread
homemade French onion soup
corn, peas, edamame (seems to be in abundance in all of our freezers-;)
beef stew
chicken thighs
pork tenderloin
whole grain pitas (for pizzas - need to make tomato sauce)
a couple of bagels
vodka (need more olives)

2009 Jun 16
Just remembered the pesto sauce in my freezer. Now I know what I am having for dinner-;)

2009 Jun 16
Pasta lover - Ha!

We used our demiglace as the liquid for making couscous, with deliciously beefy results.

2009 Jun 16
Hey momo I am "convinced" I was Italian in a former life. (Dad's side of the family is Czech and Mom's side of the family is Romanian/British - not sure where I got the taste for Italian food...)

Hmmm demiglaze as liquid for couscous - sounds delish. I'm gonna have to start making my own beef and chicken stock again...

2009 Jun 18
Salmon, popsicles,frozen mixed berries,chicken bones, some frozen egg whites, chicken stock, kaffir lime leaves, ginger, miso, pork tenderloins, chicken breasts, Pan arepa meal, corn tortillas, phyllo dough, potstickers, green curry paste, veggie burgers, frozen niblet corn, frozen peas, tofu, edamame and spring roll wrappers.

2009 Jun 18
I want to raid Mousseline's freezer. Yum!

2009 Jun 18
Wow, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with edamame languishing in my freezer! Inspired by some I had at Kinki, I bought a packet at Shopper's Drug Mart (organic, bien sur). But I have been timid about using them. Maybe this weekend...

Other stuff:

-corn tortillas (at least a year old - where DID I buy them??)
-ice cubes
-bisibelebath (Indian lentil-vegetable-rice dish; my husband grew up eating this stuff but when I made it this time it didn't turn out so well [I blame the spice mix - likely old] so it is also languishing there)
-eggplant parmigiana (from Nicastros - awaiting a dinnertime emergency)
-spinach-ricotta ravioli (ditto)
-some other kind of stuffed pasta with an odd name (ditto)
-phyllo dough (bought in September..ahem..)
-salmon fillets
-sole fillets
-chicken breasts
-"California Mix" vegetables
-ice gel squishy pack
-paan (from my mother in law's visit - one year old!)

2009 Jun 18
- Vodka
- Gin
- Orange juice
- Freezies
- Creamsicles
- 2 whole chickens
- 4 half breasts
- 2 chicken fillets
- elk sausages
- rib steak
- heritage pork chops
- bison steak (striploin)
- chicken stock
- banana chocolate pancakes
- ground beef
- ground veal
- ground pork
- chicken strips
- vanilla ice cream
- pork tenderloin
- shrimp
- beef balls and fish balls
- ice cubes

2009 Jun 18
Banana chocolate pancakes?!

Please tell me those are purchased, and then proceed to tell me where from!

2009 Jun 18
If they're Eggo, which I doubt, they're not nearly as good as making the real thing...

I will post my recipe to the wiki tonight :)

2009 Jun 18
Sorry Saurian, those banana chocolate chip pancakes are homemade... from scratch =) Delicious... and great to freeze! Apparently easy too... my wife made them... I handle the meat =)

2009 Jun 18
Pancakes are both easy to make, easy to freeze, and easy to reheat... and they hold up well. Whenever I make Pancakes, I make a gigantic batch so that leftovers make their way into the freezer for a quick and easy morning treat... although they never seem to last long in the freezer... someone always wants to eat them once they know they are there. LOL

2009 Jun 18
They make a delicious breakfast! well... actually... they made a delicious breakfast... this morning... I feel like a champion!

2009 Jun 19
Am I the only one that was glad Zymurgist clarified what all the green stuff in his freezer was?

2009 Jun 19
Hmm. Maybe I will try my hand at said pancakes then. On top of being a bad cook, I'm also pretty lazy, but this sounds as though it could be worth it...

What would I need to buy... chocolate, bananas, flour, eggs, sugar, milk?

2009 Jun 19
yes, Pan

2010 Jan 10
I referenced this topic back in December when we were talking about Fridges… see Peek Into My Fridge - www.ottawafoodies.com

Unfortunately I forgot all about it, and so now am only now getting around to posting my pics. Both the Fridge & Freezer topics proved to be quite interesting and popular, so perhaps now that some newcomers have seen this one from June, it might inspire others to post photos.

FREEZER (Evening of December 12, 2009)

TOP SHELF – Ice Cubes (in a Tupperware container) – Lobsters (2) – Salmon Filets (2) – Chicken Breasts (2) – Ground Beef (3 in 500 g portions) – Sirloin Steaks (4 in packages of 2 each) – Hot Italian Sausages (3 in a package) – Assorted Sausages (for making Chili 4 in a package) – McCain Crinkle Cut Fries (1-1/2 Bags) – Green Giant Frozen Peaches & Cream Corn (1/2 Bag) – Green Giant Frozen Sweet Peas (1/2 Bag) – Spinach (1 Package) – PC Honey Garlic Ribs (1 Box) – Pork Loin Centre Cuts Frenched (2) – Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (2) – Light Rye Bread (1 Loaf) – Sovital Bread (1 Loaf)

BOTTOM SHELF – PC Mini Quiches (1 Box) – PC Butterfly Shrimp with Chili Sauce (1 Box) – PC Coconut Shrimp (1 Box) – PC Tandori Chicken Wings (1 Box) – Striploin Steaks (2) – Green Giant Frozen Peaches & Cream Corn (1 Bag) – Green Giant Frozen Sweet Peas (1 Bag) – Pork Loin Centre Cuts Frenched (2) – Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (2) – Pumpkin Pie – Bacon Drippings

2010 Jan 10
FREEZER DOOR (Evening of December 12, 2009)

NN Pink Lemonade – Girl Guide Cookies (3 Boxes) – Wine Sleeve (a chillin) – Ice Packs (2) – Salted Butter (1 Pound) – Cranberries (1/2 Bag) – Parmesan Rind

=== === ===

As you can tell by what was on-hand at the time these photos were taken, the Freezer was being gearing up for Christmas (Pumpkin Pie... YUM), and those just-in-case drop-ins with an assortment of PC Appetizers that could be served on short notice.

It is times like these when I wish I owned a chest freezer (or better yet a upright) so that I could better manage what I have in storage. As you can see no room here for a Turkey... or anymore homemade desserts.

2010 Jan 10
Perogies, Cabbage Rolls , Borsht and Ice Cream.... My freezer always stuffed with Perogies, Cabage Rolls and Borsht from Perogies Take Out ..their food is home made, cooked frozen.... when I come home it takes me less than 15 min to warm this up and the dinner is ready... I would recomend trying it out...
check their info: www.perogi.ca

2010 Jan 10
i broke a tooth having one of their cherry filled pastries. It was the "pits"!

2010 Jan 28
my credit cards. I have barely been home since september (many many nights & weekends at the office, and San Francisco, London, Paris, and now Tokyo...).

...I will take a photo when I get home. I seriously think credit cards are the only thing in there. I might not even have any ice cubes.

2010 Jan 28
So now if you get back and they are gone...you'll know it was one of us... ;-)

2010 Feb 6
as promised...

2010 Feb 6
Fridge is more interesting ;) though I had to throw away the mushrooms & carrots upon my return to this fair, FREEZING COLD city...