Cookbook swapping (Wiki) [Site]

2009 Jun 8
After much discussion about swapping cookbooks, I've added a table to the Swap and Shop page for cookbooks.

In addition to the have and want columns, I also added a column for the type of exchange that the user is seeking. For example, I am looking to trade or lend my copy of Rick Bayless' Everyday Mexican. In other words, I will lend it, and want it back, or I will trade it for keepsies. The third option is give, for those of us who have too many cookbooks and need to clear shelf space.

The wiki, of course, is user-edited, so you can always go ahead and make edits as you see reasonable (just like I did).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has and is searching for, and I'll probably add a few more tonight after inventorying my cookbook shelf.

2009 Jun 8
Thanks, I will add to the list when I get home this evening.

2009 Jun 12
There, I have added my cookbooks up there. Anyone else?

2009 Jun 12
LWB. I have a Martha cookbook in mint condition. I tried to add it to the WIKI.. but not sure how to post.. Help.

2009 Jun 12
Also for LWB - I pm'd you a few days ago about one of your books in the wiki that interests me; is that what we're to do, or not? If not are we to make contact? I have since thought of other trade ideas should they be of more interest to you.

2009 Jun 12
Anyone know what a receptarist is? Well I'm hopelessly one--someone who collects recipes! I started in girlguides as a child, went on to home economics in university, then nutritionist and to this day can't give up a cookbook. I think i still have every one I ever procured along the way. Any other receptarists out there? And I will share any of my recipes--just not the cookbook!

2009 Jun 15
W.C. you can count me in as a receptarist. I'm not sure when the cookbook collecting began - I started purchasing the odd cookbook when I was in my 20s but I think I started going overboard when I turned 40. Midlife crisis perhaps? I feel the same way about sharing cookbooks - I will share any recipe you want just not the cookbook-;)

2009 Jun 18
WC & Pasta Lover - "Hello, my name is Food & Think and I am a receptarist."

I don't have a ton of Cookbooks, but I have no plans to part with any that I do own! Although like others, I am quite willing to share... so as always if anyone is looking for a recipe for something, continue to post in the Forum, and if I can help you out / contribute I will.

As for collecting "recipes" oh gosh I do have quite a collection... I have some I won't part with (clippings from way back in my 20s) but I have learned to "curb" my urge to clip every week from the Newspaper... Things have certainly gotten better since the Internet, in that now I can search for just about anything.

2009 Jun 19
Hello, my name is Pan Bagnat and I am a receptarist. It has been two days since my last clipping.

As a project, I weeded through and filed all of my mother/my loose recipes. I combined them in binders under headings and put them in plastic sleeves. Wow, did it ever make life easier. We used to sort through literally thousands of recipes looking for one. Now I call her up and she's able to find the recipe in no time flat.

2009 Jun 19
I am a receptarist and have been since my youth when I discovered I liked to cook and eat and started collecting recipes that looked like they'd be good to cook and eat. That seemed pretty simple and a good "hobby" back then.
I have a large drawer in a large chest of drawers full of (loose) old newspaper and magazine (eg. 1970's Weekend mag - Mary Moore!) clippings.
I have ? photo albums full of clippings.
I have 8 recipe boxes, full of handwritten cards.
I have 5 1-1/2"-2" binders full of printed recipes.
I have a WordPerfect file with 108 Mb of recipes arranged in 42 subject files and last year made the mistake of starting a Word recipe file hoping to convert to Word. I've now got to convert 10 Mb of Word files back to WP as I've given up hope of going all-Word.
And I have some (ha!) cookbooks, magazines in the basement, milk calendars dating back to the beginning, pamphlets galore, etc.

Me bad! Now me a bad receptarist. Me suffer from incurable receptarism.

It maybe that I am secretly relieved that lwb hasn't accepted my trade offer that included a choice of a couple cookbooks after we finally made contact.

Thanks W.C. for giving a name to my condition, and I offer my sympathies to all my fellow receptarists.

If anyone needs a good recipe I might have one...

2009 Jun 23
Haven't been on OttawaFoodies since the night I posted the receptarist thing (I've been cooking nonstop for almost 2 weeks) and for every event I did I used mostly internet recipes!) Just one more source to feed the addiction!
Andy--I too have some Mary Moore stuff, old calendars, regional cookbooks from all over (I like to travel too!), and filing cabinets full of pamphlets, newsletters and what not. I lived for 10 years in London, Ontario and still regularly use the summer bbq supplements.
I too could find you a good recipe for just about any category...

2009 Jun 24
OMG! I am not alone! I have tons of boxes of recipe clippings. Does any of you have suggestion is storing, filing, organizing... I can never find the one I am looking for... and then resign myself to use the internet instead.

2009 Jun 24
I just use a bankers box with file folders labelled with categories I use the most - soups, poultry, vegetarian, etc. My only downfall is the file I labelled "miscellaneous" which are newspaper and magazine clippings of complete menus. I keep saying I will pick a menu then invite friends over to share the meal with me but it never works out that way.-;)

2009 Jun 24
Thanks PL for the suggestion.

2009 Jun 24
Right now I have a hybrid system that I'm in the process of refining:

1) A binder full of 8.5 x 11 pages in sheet protectors, for things that I make quite often

2) Various on-line recipes that I keep in a folder in Evernote ( Any time I find something that looks nifty, I just clip it in. If I plan on cooking it, I'll usually print it out so that I can have it close by without requiring a laptop in the kitchen.

2009 Jun 24
i've given up on recipes
with over 700 cookbooks and 12 - 3 ring binders of my own plus a 4 drawer cabinets of various recipes I written on napkins, 8 x 11, envelopes, receipts, movie stubs, baseball game tickets, basketball programs, play programs, etc.....
plus two 250 GB harddrive full...

last 5 years, other than one veal and pistachio pate, I've not used a recipe
and forget asking me to write one down lol

2009 Jun 25
Chef Obi - Wow man, that was one heck of an "addiction"... glad to hear you've kicked it.

Just curious, have you given up on recipes entirely, or just "collecting"?

2009 Jun 25
mostly on collecting
if I find that sounds good I will make it several times to get til it feels right then leave it be

I cook mostly in ratios so rather than make one batch several times, i make one batch modified
I know what I want things to taste like and % salt, sugar, acid, .... and texture, etc...

baking, other than bread and my standard desserts, I still reference recipes