May Lan vs Co Cham, latest results [General]

2009 May 26
I had a deep seeded requirement for Vietnamese subs last week. So I decided to try a taste off between my favorite - Co Cham, and the newer May Lan. I ordered assorted subs at both locations, and decided to give as little input as possible, to see what I'd end up with. Here are the results:

Co Cham - asked me for my bread preference - baguette. For the first time ever, did not ask or give me hot peppers. Price - 2.25. Size bigger. Taste - still great, although I missed my hot peppers. The baguette did taste a bit stale compared to other times I've been there, but the filling made up for it, especially the pickled carrots.

May Lan - did not ask about bread, got a soft roll. (not sure if they have a baguette or not). Asked whether I wanted hot peppers (yes!). Price 3.00. Size, a bit smaller than Co Cham, both bread and fillings. Taste - pretty decent too but hit a very salty section in the middle of the sandwich (maybe the magi sauce?). The roll was fresher tasting than my baguette, but I prefer a baguette if I have the option.

The winner - for price and taste, still goes to Co Cham, but you really can't go wrong. Hopefully the baguette is fresher next time.

2013 Jun 12
The Bahn Mi at Preston & Somerset is: Hủ Tiếu Mě Gia

It is ok, but I found the toppings sparse. I wasn't there to order it, so if I go again, I'll ask for more.