"space grill" BBQ [General]

2009 Apr 17
For anyone looking for charcoal, go have a look at this at bbqing.com out off Merivale! I'd seen it on their website a few weeks ago, and saw it in person today. OMFG it is beautiful! Incredibly well built. And for $200 a steal!


2009 Apr 17
The link is dead. Is there another link?

My family usually likes to have parties in the backyard for any occassion my relatives have. Birthdays, Visitors, and even "yay it's summer" parties. So we like to use the bbq with charcoal. I'm looking forward to experimenting new sauces for the burgers and steaks!!!

2009 Apr 18
Maybe I'm missing something but it looks just like a standard round charcoal BBQ. Big for sure (31.5" diameter) but not much depth to hold charcoal and no lid!? So... great for grilling (burgers and stuff that isn't too thick) but no good for whole chickens or low and slow BBQ.

As you can see, I'm really trying to justify a Big Green Egg to myself. ;-) I've been agonizing over it for a couple years now. Just yesterday, I contacted the makers of the "Grill Dome" knockoff of the BGE, but to ship to Ottawa would cost almost as much as buying a real BGE from the good folks at bbqing.com .

2009 Apr 18
Fresh Foodie - About the link... Monkey Feet states it is dead... and on my screen it spews off across the entire screen... even beyond the text box and forever to the right on into oblivion. First time I've ever seen an example of something go so wacky with the formatting here on OF.

Anyone else getting this?

2009 Apr 18
Interesting.. it wraps around nicely for me even though it contains no spaces, but I'm using Firefox. I don't display "https:" links as clickable so you have to cut-and-paste it into a browser. This particular link failed for me when I did that, so I just went to the BBQ section of bbqing.com and searched for Space Grill there.

URLs like that one disgust me! A big convoluted path, including technology-specific ColdFusion references (.cfm) and no less than THREE 128-bit GUIDs. Just terrible. I'm not a trained web developer and I managed to support /forum/1755 instead of /webapp/forum/showentry.py?id=1755&user=3&moreuselessstuff=blah.


2009 Apr 18
In case you haven't seen this:www.thegratefulgriller.blogspot.com/
He sells another ceramic cooker called Primo, along with the BGE.

2009 Apr 18
Yeah, looks like you have to go to bbqing.com and go to their charcoal stuff, and find it yourself.

Yes, there is no lid, so good for grilling but not low and slow. But it truly is a think of beauty if that is what you want.

Now, as for the big green egg, I'm surprised there has not yet been an enterprising person put together instructions on making one yourself. I know people who have built their own clay ovens, and have to think that the same techniques could be used here. And for a fraction of the cost.

2009 Apr 20
I feel like an Alton Brown spambot! Aforementioned enterprising person has created a smoker using two terra cotta flowerpots and a hotplate:


2009 Apr 20
Momomoto - Now that was cool! (Or should I have said smokin').
Thanks for sharing.

2009 Apr 20
Looks like something from a Cheech & Chong movie.

2009 Apr 20
^ i lol'd

2009 Apr 20
man that smoking pot is making make hungry...

2009 Apr 20
smoking pot is giving you the munchies? I hear that happens... not that I'd know or anything.

2009 Apr 20
Chimichimi - LOL, good one!

2009 Apr 20
I made a funny. hehe
I cant wait to get my fresh pork "on the pot"

2009 Apr 20
Waitasec... it's 4:20 day today! A propos, DaButch! :)

2009 Apr 21
And just in case someone isn't quite sure what a 4:20 is :-)


2009 Aug 7
Here is a proper URL


2009 Aug 9
Zym - Interesting concept... unfortunately I am long past charcoal (except for the occasional summer picnic cook-out) totally a gas griller now.

That said, I thought the fact that this one came apart and made for a fire-pit was an awesome option.

Got a laugh however out of the following bit of marketing...

"The Space Grill is the ultimate real fuel BBQ from the British designers at Grill-Tech."

And yet the wee flag to the right of the photo, clearly indicates that the grill is made in China.