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2009 Jan 7
So, I was scrolling through the online New York Times today and came across a blog from one of my favourite cookbook authors, Mark Bittman. I've followed his blog on and off for years, but this entry (also in the print edition of today's NYT) was exceptional, and I felt like sharing:

IMO, it's a really good reference point to hang on the inside of your pantry, and he gives some quick, mouth-watering ideas.

Anyone else have food blogs that they follow religiously?

2009 Jan 7
Thanks, I've just added Mark Bittman's blog to my list. He's a pretty solid source.

The other food blogs I follow religiously (via RSS) are:

BeFOODled -
Anne DesBrisay's blog -
Nooschi -
Omnivore's Ottawa (Ron Eade) -
Rasa Malaysia -

I try to keep the list small and the signal to noise ratio high, meaning it fluctuates. But this where it's at right now. I believe all except for Rasa Malaysia are run by current or former members of this site and as such have content of local interest.

I encourage anyone interested in food blogs to consult our own list of links:

2009 Jan 7
Thanks Fresh Foodie. My new year's resolution is to check the wiki section of this site more. I never do, unless I'm directed there :)

2009 Jan 7
lady who brunches Thanks for sharing! Even though I enjoy reading about food I tend to gather my information the old fashioned way from books and magazines and a few websites I like. I haven't explored any blogs yet although friends and coworkers often send me links to specific articles on blogs. This is one area I would like to explore and I share your new year's resolution to check out the wiki section more.

On another note I discovered through glancing at this article I am alot more "in" than I thought - cool! I love to cook but admittedly my cooking skills are rather elementary. However I already have "homemade" breadcrumbs as described in this article, I only use good quality olive oil and vinegars which I use for salad dressings and marinades, and I always have a stash of lemons, fresh herbs and veggies (canned peas - ick!), dried beans, and real parmegiano. I even have most of the "extras"! One thing to work on is the grains, though, however I resolve to work on this in 2009.

2009 Jan 7
I'm not a big Blog Reader in general... although I've often thought it might be fun to have one for myself... something about fine living, to combine my love for good food, wine & travel.

LWB - Thanks for the link to that article, it was great. I have over the years incorporated some of the ideas that are mentioned, but I see I could still improve somemore... perhaps that will be my 2009 Foodie Resolution.

As for the Ottawa Foodies Wiki, I discovered it some time ago, and am a BIG Fan, I think it is indeed an under-used feature of this wonderful OF Site. Maybe this post will inspire others to check it out.

2009 Jan 7
I follow a few, although I find it can eat up (ha ha) an enormous amount of time. One of my favourites is Breadbasketcase - - funny and makes you want to bake bread. I really like Mark Bittman and read him fairly regularly.

2009 Jan 8
I read far fewer food blogs than you'd think, but I do enjoy the one by food writer, Bourdain Cohort, and all-around interesting guy Mike Ruhlman ( or RSS at

2009 Jan 8
My three favorite food blogs/sites:

and of course Ron Eade and Bittman

2009 Jan 8
I like this girl's blog... I believe she went to Cordon Blue, and then it went through her trials/tribulations working in kitchens in France, etc. Now I believe she's in New York City.

I also love Bakerella's cute cupcakes and stuff...

2009 Jan 9
endless banquet is an excellent blog from Ontreal I always check it out before visiting. Also ideas in food these guys are always up to something interesting. As far as the term foodie goes I think it's a fine handle for someone who embraces all aspects of cuisine with out snobbery or elitism, if you're a fan of local than stick with locavore.

2009 Jan 10
Chez Pim is my favourite foodie blog ( She has a foodie book coming out soon as well.