Vitamix [General]

2008 Nov 17
Anyone have one?


Good? Bad?

Worth the price?

How often do you use it?

2008 Nov 17
Zymugist: We have one. I convinced my father some ten years ago to buy one at Western Fair in London for about..$450 or $500 at the time. Back then, I was really into two features: Ice Cream and Soup (yes, this sucker makes both).

My SO & I inherited it from my parents (read: they weren't using it enough to warrant, and we don't have a food processor). We use it for sauces that need to be pureed, and I still make ice cream and smoothies from time to time. It's also wonderful for baby food, and mincing/pureeing large portions of vegetables.

We use it maybe once a week or so, but we're also only a family of two, so to speak. When I was in high school (when we first bought it), it got used probably about three or four times a week.

I don't know what they're going for now, but I do know in hindsight it was worth the price (the sucker has held up through a lot). My only complaint is that the pitcher is not dishwasher safe, and seems to be porous--wash it/rinse it right away, or else you might have soup that tastes like bananas (or smoothies that taste like garlic).

2008 Nov 19
My sister has had the same Vitamix for at least 20 years and they use it every day. She has three very boisterous children (now older) who have all used and abused it and it is still working - that in itself is a miracle.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend on based on her experience with it.

2009 Dec 9
Well, I finally broke down and bought one at CA Paradis this weekend. They sell a few different VitaMix models there and I went with the CIA Professional Series. It's the equivalent of their 5200 Series except for cosmetic differences. For those that are interested, the dry jar is on sale for $100 until the end of December. They're out of stock on that item right now but I have mine on back order.

I tried waiting for it to come to Costco so that I could save some money off the regular price but when I last checked they didn't have any warehouse visits planned through to late next year. I was told to check back in a few months in case things changed. Too long to wait unfortunately.

Now that I have it though, I'm really happy with the purchase. Made a few smoothies and almond butter already. Plan to try making macarons once the dry jar comes in and I can make almond flour. This thing is build like a tank and also looks pretty snazzy in brushed steel.

Will see how often I use this thing in the long run but for now, I'm content knowing that this thing was built to last.

2009 Dec 10
Would recommend it for sure! Bought one this summer and it's the best way to make smoothies to take advantage of the whole food (as opposed to a juicer).

You can also make hot soup with it, butter, and many other goodies.

As for cleaning, I fill mine up 1/2 with water, then a drop of dish washing detergent and put it on for about 30 seconds. It cleans it perfectly with a rinse afterwards.

It is expensive, but I only use that now - plus, if you ever watch Iron Chef, there's one in their kitchen ;-)

2009 Dec 10
The Vitamix gets consistently high/best reviews from America's Test Kitchen, the only drawback being the price, but they are built to last a lifetime.

2009 Dec 11
I bought mine off the US website and shipped it to Ogdensburg. A lot cheaper and I've seen plenty of their boxes at the UPS Store over there so I can't be the only one who's done it.

It's awesome. Possibly my favourite kitchen item. It has blended everything I've thrown at it. The only issue is that it is loud. I'd had the Cooks Illustrated top rated Braun blender before it and it was inferior in every way.

2009 Dec 11
Currently their US website ( at least) is smart enough to know my IP is from Canada, so I cannot see the US pricing

2009 Dec 12
The US Costco Online has a very good package deal on the Vitamix if you're willing to travel across the border to get it. They don't ship to Canada though.

2009 Dec 12
Sharing the Vitamix's half-a-grand price range is the BlendTec (of "Will It Blend?" fame). Some comments give the slightly cheaper BlendTec the edge over the Vitamix:

Either way, the "Will It Blend?" gimmick is awesome!

2009 Dec 13
Those are some funny videos for blend tec ;-)

I'd probably still go for the Vitimix though - even though blend tec is 3HP vs 2HP.

For someone on a budget, I'd recommend something I've mentioned before - look in the used stores for one of the older (pre 1988-ish) Osterizer blenders. I got a new osterizer for Christmas in 1997 and about 6 months later blew the motor making cat food out of meat (the slogan "Will it blend" really rings true for me :-)).

I then found a used behemoth for 10 bucks and have not looked back. It has taken everything I've thrown at it since, though admittedly I have not tried cat food again :-) But smoothies as mentioned above are no issue at all. And blending fruits and veggies for making fruit leather as well. Though I have hit a few situations here, where I'm sure life would have been much easier with a Vitamix or Blendtec - lots of carrots can really slow me down in my old Osterizer. I bet one of those other ones could process just carrots and nothing more, and do a fine job of it with no problems.

2009 Dec 13
Blending the airsoft gun just made my morning! Ha!

2009 Dec 15
I finally bought one in September and we have been really pleased with it. I also bought it at CA Paradis but mine is the lower model. We did find it cheaper online and CA Paradis matched the price so we got it for $100 less than what they were charging.

I find it amazing that you can throw in a bunch of raw carrots and less than a minute later you have carrot juice that is completely smooth with no lumps...crazy.

I did leave it on too long once when I was making a smoothie and it boiled it!! Oops.....had to throw in some ice to cool it back down again.

2010 Feb 7
If anyone is interested, the VitaMix roadshow is at Costco (Hunt Club) for the next week or until they run out of stock. They're selling the 5200 model in white only for $499. They're also selling the optional dry blade container for $100.

2010 Feb 10
Tx, I am going to take a look.

2010 Apr 5
Will the iPad blend?

2010 Apr 5
So sad but funny, got my i pad today from NY apple store. Will have to keep it safe from the blender!

2010 Apr 5
I can't believe it's still working after he nearly breaks it in half.

Also, the brand loyalist in me was cringing the whole time.

2010 Apr 6
Yeah, I was cringing too - I thought he was going to hurt the Blendtec, but I should have known better :-)

2010 Apr 6
I know a couple people that own one and they love it. I've tried it a few times, and it really is amazing. It just pulverizes everything. No strawberry seeds remain when making strawberry margaritas! I have done quite a lot of research on my next blender, for when my Cuisinart (the one with the tap) cracks again (I've repaired it once, but the part is about 40% of the cost of the blender). I will definitely be getting the Vitamix. It was between the Vitamix, Blendtec and the Waring MX series. The only disadvantage I see to going with the Vitamix is if you need to put it under a cupboard. It's very tall. Luckilly mine will be in a location where height restriction isn't a concern. The recipe book that comes with it is worth it's weight in gold and I haven't been able to find it anywhere online yet. If the Iron Chefs use it, it's probably pretty good.

2010 Apr 6
Oh, and as far as being worth the price? In my case it probably will be. My blender was roughly $150 and I've spent about $60 replacing the blade/jar assembly once. So, $210, and I once again have cracked the base by making thick margaritas. I guess it's just too powerful for the weakest link. Plus the Cuisinart doesn't blend nearly as smooth or as fast as the Vitamix, and I will never have to worry about making anything with too much ice, or too thick. Reliability and final product will make it worthwhile for it looks pretty cool.

2010 Apr 6
No strawberry seeds remain when making strawberry margaritas!

You just won it my vote. ;)

2010 Apr 6
For anyone still on the fence, I've had our Vitamix for eight or nine years. I'm still a fan.

2010 Aug 25
Just to bump this thread, I noticed that the Vitamix roadshow was visiting the Kanata Costco earlier this week if anyone is interested.

I purchased the more practically dimensioned BlendTec earlier this year and am absolutely thrilled. After a few frustrating weeks trying to get one from the clowns at Rainbow Foods, I gave up and mail-ordered directly from a US company. We ended up saving $140 by doing this!

I now start every day with a delicious smoothie containing something like:
* 1/2 cup Red grapes
* 1/2 cup Frozen field berries (blue, black, rasp)
* 1 Banana
* 1/4 cup Baby carrots
* 1/4 cup other stuff (peach, strawberries, etc, heck even spinach or broccoli)
* Water to thin to a consistency you enjoy

Two cool things: I'm not a big fan of eating fruit in general, so this goes a long way to rounding out my dietary requirements because for some reason I love it! And the big bonus: I run the "Whole juice" cycle, which pulverizes even the smallest seed. Blackberries have been shown to inhibit esophageal cancer -- a risk for GERD/reflux sufferers like me. Blackberries without big nasty seeds are consumable daily! :-)

Oh, and no need to remove the husk from strawberries. Laziness FTW!

2010 Aug 25
That's awesome! What US company did you order from?

Is Costco still only offering the white model?

2010 Aug 25
I ordered from and they were really nice to deal with! They had a promotion where you get an $80 credit for your next purchase, but they allowed me to apply that credit to my current purchase to cancel out the shipping cost ($50). I see on their website that they offer free shipping to Canada, so that may have been in the works at the time...

Thanks to NAFTA, tere was no tax or duty incurred from crossing the border, since the BlendTec is manufactured in the USA. BTW, I have the 3-quart jar and find it to be a good size. The 2-quart jar would be too small.

[Edit: Not sure about what colours of Vitamix are available at Costco. I thought she was demoing a black one, but can't say for sure.]

2010 Aug 25
Speaking of which - here is the best iPad app I've ever seen!

2010 Aug 25
Bobby Fillet, I was there today and they appear to be only selling the white Vitamix units at Costco.

2010 Nov 20
If anyone is still on the lookout for a Vitamix or BlendTec, I just received notice of the latest sale from the company that sold me my BlendTec:

Those prices are way better than you'll find locally, and the shipping is less than the HST would be.

2010 Dec 26
Hey folks, I'm offering up my old Vitamix, still in good shape. We got a food processor for Christmas and don't have much room for the Vitamix. If you're a fan of smoothies or smooth soup, then I'd strongly recommend it. Or, if you have the space.

PM me for details. (And let me know, FF if this posting is out of line. I figure anyone reading the VItamix forum might be interested in buying one used...)

2010 Dec 27
We've never had a big enough kitchen to have the room for many large appliances. Hell, we've had a Kitchenaid mixer for years that has never even been plugged in.

We prefer our little Braun hand blender. We don't often need to make more than one smoothie at a time and if I'm blending a soup, I can do it right in the pot.

We've had the same one for about 10 years now and it shows no sign of slowing down. It has variable speed control and came with a whipping attachment and a dry 'mill' contraption for doing nuts and oats and such. It probably wouldn't make peanut butter, but it suits us just fine.

2010 Dec 28
the old vitamix is now gone.

2013 Aug 7
I'm revitalizing this thread - I am in the market for a blender. Anyone have any advice? Blendtec? Vitamix? Omni Blend? Oster Versa? I'm looking for a high powered one.

2013 Aug 7
Costco Online has a sale on the VItamix right now (or at least the other day)

Just FYI

2013 Aug 7
I have the Blendtec and it really does work as advertised but it is loud. I love that it renders the big seeds in blackberries and raspberries into a fine grit when making smoothies. Customer support is great too -- we had a blade jam up and they sent us a new jar. The downside with the Blendtec is that if you're pureeing something thicker than a liquid, you have to keep stopping the motor to scrape down the walls.

The Vitamix has a little dohickey that lets you scrape/push down the ingredients while the motor is running.

For us, the Vitamix was never an option because it is too tall to fit under normal kitchen cabinets. Not being able to store it anywhere was a deal breaker.

2013 Aug 7
I had done a ton of research over the years, before finally pulling the trigger on a Vitamix. I think the only reasons to not go for Vitamix would be if the height were an issue, or if you find it too expensive. The power/speed, warranty, reliability, recipe booklet, tamper, etc, can't really be matched by the others IMO. Other options would be Blendtec, Omni, Waring Pro, Omega. All very good as well. I really wish that Costco would get a couple other colours for their roadshows though.

2013 Aug 7
I owned a commercial Waring for years - the motor finally went out in a fit of glory, sparks and smoke. It was a sad day. Thanks to FF and BF for the insight. Has anyone used the OmniBlend? Cheap, but powerful. Made in China, though.

2013 Aug 7
Another option - other colour options, equal payments...

2013 Aug 7
I have the vita-mix and love it. The regular blender jar that comes with it is too tall to fit on the counter under the cupboards but the "dry" jar is shorter and does fit so that is the configuration that sits on the counter. It is on the loud side when running but on the other hand, it is so powerful that you needn't run it very long before the job is done. As FF said, it comes with a "pusher" that you can use to tamp food down in the blender jar when it is operating.

2013 Aug 7
Been looking at getting a new blender for a while and still have yet to pull the trigger but it will be a Vitamix.

The tamper (or "pusher"/"little dohickey") is a bonus and the warranty is what really sells it. Vitamix will take care of shipping BOTH ways whereas Blendtec only covers return shipping. Test driving the Blendtec, it was obnoxiously loud too. I understand it's a blender but this thing was deafening on the highest speed setting. Oh and the Blendtec has only 2 blades whereas the Vitamix has 4...which translates into more efficient pureeing and mixing.

2013 Aug 7
If anyone's interested check out the Sept. 2013 issue of Consumers Reports (on news stands now) to see the one blender (of 65 tested) that performed equally as well as the Vitamix 5200 (TNC in Canada?) but got the top nod overall because it was quieter.

2013 Aug 7
Thanks for the tip Andy - I'll have a look.

Also, thanks to everyone else for your tips and feedback, it is appreciated.

2013 Aug 7
The Ninja is highly rated as well, and roughly $100...I've compared head to head with my Vitamix 5000 and the V came out quite a bit ahead in my tests. But huge cost difference.

I just saw the Blendtec at Costco for $359.99...

2013 Aug 7
Where do you get an OmniBlend and how much are they?

2013 Aug 7
....and yet another option -

I've never tried this blender, but the specs and warranty are great. Omega has long been one of the best juicers on the market, so hopefully their quality crosses over to their blenders as well. I've had one of their masticating juicers for a few years now and love it. Never an issue and makes great juice with quite dry pulp.

2013 Aug 8
Zym - Omni blenders can be had for under $300, there are a variety of online stores. I contacted the company... I wonder if there was enough interest to get a group buy going what the final $ would look like.

2013 Aug 14
Hi everyone,

I contacted a distributor of the Omni V blender in Canada and if I geta few more buyers lined up, we can get the price down to $250+tax.

Check out details here:

Send me a DM if you're interested.


2013 Aug 14
I just pointed the brewers at this thread since they are always in for a good bulk buy and have chatted about Vitamix vs Blendtec quite a few times ...

I might be in on this one ... any first hand experience with this blender anyone?

2013 Aug 15
Thank you Zym - I don't think anyone here has used one. They are very close to the Vitamix and Blendtec in terms of power and ability, some online reviews state the Omni blender just takes a little bit longer to produce the same or equivalent level of 'smoothness' as the Vitamix.

This one has the upgraded jar, BPA free. The blade is multipurpose, wet/dry, you don't need a dry blade and jar to grind flours. This is essentially half the price of a Vitamix. 7 year warranty on the motor and 2 years on the blade and jar, replacement parts are cheaper for this and readily available. Some people have noted that the Vitamix jars fit on the Omni blend stand... might void your warranty though!

Anyway, let me know! I need two more people to make it happen!

2013 Aug 15
Ok - there are two potential deals right now:

Option #1 - $250+tax, includes shipping, 7 year warranty on motor 2 years on jug and blade.

Option #2 - $270+tax, includes shipping and an extra blade assembly ($50'ish value), 2 year warranty on the whole unit (motor, jug and blade).

Need one more person.

2013 Sep 7
Blendtec is at Costco Merivale right now for $359

2013 Sep 7
Kanata as well. Great deal.

2013 Sep 9
I was on the fence about getting a blendtec, but after reading the reviews on here I'm going to grab one this week.

2013 Sep 17
Chimi, if you are still looking, I am interested!

2013 Sep 18
The Merivale Costco has the Vitamix roadshow right now (for the next 12 days I think the rep said).

I'd been eying up the Total Nutrition Center and hoped there would be some saving at the in store demo. To complicate matters, the in store model is a newer one (the TNC 3!) that is apparently quieter and 'better' (has some pre programmed modes) - BUT is $70 more than the ( online model ($499 online old model vs. $569 in store new model).

If aesthetics matter, the online model is white, but the newer in-store package comes in either black or red.

They also have separate wet & dry blender jugs (if that's the right term) at $99 each.

So now I'm not sure what to do - other than to kick myself that I didn't pick up a Blendtec last week when their in store demo was ~$100 cheaper than the equivalent on


2013 Sep 19
How much was the Blendtec last week? I saw it for $359 in Kanata yesterday.

If opting for the Vitamix, it would be worth it, for me, to pay the extra for the red or black over the white. They just look so much better than the white ones IMO. Being quieter is a nice bonus too, and likely more important to most. I have an older Vitamix (5000) and it's as loud as can be, haha. It's not an annoying loud though...not like buzzsaw pitch.

2013 Sep 19
Originally, I didn't get enough interested buyers for the group sale of the Omni Blend... Though, I've got to say, the price of the Blendtec at Costco is really good right now!!!

2013 Sep 19
The Blendtec was $359 as well when they were at Nepean last week. I think its $459 online for what I thought was the same model - so the in store promo is worth taking advantage of.

2013 Nov 18
Blendtec $80 discount on Costco online. $379 delivered

2014 Jun 1
We use the blender every day, and I get a new cheap one every 18 months or so because something breaks (like a $40 Black and Decker - but t's never the motor, some other plastic part wears down). It's not expensive; but it is wasteful. A plus is we keep the carafe and only throw out the base, then buy the same model, so now we can swap carafes, use one while the other is in the dishwasher etc..

But for a less wasteful option, and more blending powere, I think I can get some commercial blenders directly from China (2L and 1500W motor, 3HP) for about $180. If anyone is interested pm me. I'm making inquiries from the manufacturers. This would be comparable to a Vitamix, but a lot less than $350.

There is a guy on ebay selling them from Toronto, free shipping, for $199. So the price I could get would only be $20 cheaper. You can find him on ebay if you search "commercial blender".

2014 Jun 1
These do look good. But ...

I have had mixed results with buying Chinese knock-offs (primarily car parts). The good has out weighed the bad, by far. The Chinese can, and do build quality stuff when designed outside of China and is built to specification. Even hospital equipment and supplies !

I saw pictures of the inside of this blender. Durable looking motor. Nicely sized motor brushes (that look replaceable).

The only thing I saw negative on the net for this blender is a complaint about a part going rusty. They may have upgraded the part to stainless steel ... I would ask .... Or use a bit of vegtable oil (like I did on my old Oyster blender)... or make sure it is dry before storing.

Please. If anyone goes ahead. Let us know the results in this forum. I have a friend looking NOT to spend $479 at Costco for a Vitamix.

(I'm keeping my second hand Vitamix ... in great shape ... only $50)

2014 Jun 1
@CC If you got a Vitamix for $50 that's a great price :-) They sell reconditioned ones for more than $350.

Anyway I ordered the blender from the guy in Toronto, mainly because the Chinese one had free shipping by UPS. From past experience ordering from the US, UPS charges brokerage fees, so I didn't think it would be worth it.

I'll let you know how it goes. I checked for it on, but didn't think to try Good find. :-)

Actually it may be called something else. The one I found on AliExpress from the manufacturer said they would custom brand it. It's exactly the same unit. But not that much cheaper unless you buy a crate of them.


I found more reviews on, each color has it's own reviews. I got a red one. Well one more comment, one is a repeat.


The cheap Black & Deckers I got before had a glass carafe, and this one is plastic, but I notice the carafes are plastic at Booster Juice and other commercial smoothie places, and with the vitamix, so perhaps that's fine. The carafe on the Black & Decker never breaks, and the motor is fine (actually the B&D is made in China too, including the motor), but the spinning cam at the top of the motor which engages the cam at the bottom of the carafe is plastic. It seems to get knocked down out of alignment after repeated use (we use it several times a day) and when it does it chews itself up when spinning.


I ended up getting one from China too, because he offered me free shipping by FedEx. Anyway I like having two so when one is in the dishwasher we can use the other. They are not interchangeable though, one has a round bottom and the other a square bottom.

2014 Jun 2
My New Age Blender from Toronto will arrive tomorrow . . . :-)

2014 Jun 10
The Plant Based Junkies Group on FB said there was a groupon for a reconditioned Vitamix for $299 and it was the cheapest price yet seen. Here it is:

2014 Jun 10
Groupon Deal:

The Fine Print
Limit 3 per person, may buy 2 more as gifts. Free returns. Does not ship to AK/H/Canada/Puerto Rico.

Note: highlight is my edit

2014 Jun 10
Oh well.

You can always send it to a US address at and they will resend it to Canada. That will cost a bit more, but lots of companies have free USA shipping so it may balance out.

I think some Ottawa Foodies have a mailbox in Watertown. They could do a run to pick them up.

2014 Jun 19
Discussion of vitamix on eGullet forums:

2014 Sep 25
The groupon is back . . . US only but you could send it to a US address in NV at and they will reship it to Canada.

2014 Sep 25
Saw the Blend Tek at Costco today for something like $379.

2014 Sep 26
I have the Blendtec, from Costco, and it is perfectly sufficient. Does everything you could possibly want a blender to do!

2014 Sep 30
Another one 3HP Omniblend. There are youtube videos comparing it to Vitamix.

2014 Oct 1
The claim of 3HP is BULL SH!T !!!

It may produce 3HP for a fraction of a second but not continuous.

All is revealed here at "Living and Raw Foods".

2015 May 18
My house hummus, flavoured with cumin and Kalamata olives.

I'll put my $40 Ninja prepared smooth and creamy hummus up against anyone's $500 Vitamix or Vitamix wanna be.

2015 May 21
I have a Ninja and I hate it! The square design is really bad for food to get stuck in the corners.

2015 May 21
Ya got the wrong Ninja man! Who buys a square Ninja when they make the round Master Prep Pro? $40 at CTC in Dec/'13.

2015 May 21
lol damn!

2015 May 22
I've had the Ninja and many others (KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Oster) and currently own a Vitamix. Sure the Ninja is good and very good at certain things, but the strength of the Vitamix is that it's very good at essentially everything and lasts forever, has a great resale value, great warranty, and can take on uber hard tasks that would kill many blenders etc. So yes, the Ninja makes great hummus and is good at crushing ice and costs less, but it's not nearly as durable, resellable, or consistent in my opinion.

The best bang-for-the-buck may well be the Ninja, but it's not in the same class overall as the Vitamix. Yes, you pay a premium for the best or one of the best, but you can rest easy and not have to compare your kitchen tool to others. You're just happy knowing...

2016 Sep 19
Vitamix deal on Groupon now.

2016 Sep 21
Those are reconditioned.. So comparison the prices brand new is not correct..

2016 Sep 24
Does anyone know if a reconditioned Vitamix has a warranty at all?

2016 Sep 25
I believe these are reconditioned by Vitamix itself. I don't need a Vitamix as my knockoff is more powerful and still going strong all these years . . . . but you could ask Vitamix about the Groupon.

2016 Sep 29
I just checked the Groupon and it's still on (1 day left). I also received an email from Groupon saying I could get 40% off my next Groupon. If it's valid with the Vitamix, that brings the price to under $200.

I don't need the Vitamix, but someone might be able to take advantage of this offer.

The Groupon says there is a 5 year warranty from Vitamix.

2016 Sep 30
I did find the same information about the warranty. I've decided that I'd probably prefer the low profile model (the regular ones just look massive and I don;t have that much storage space in my kitchen) and have my eye on the reconditioned version that is on their website.