School Lunches - What's a Mom to Do? [General]

2008 Aug 28
Ok, I'm long past this, but with all the concerns about the listeria outbreak, and the no peanut butter rule, one has to wonder... School Lunches - What's a Mom to Do?

For the last 50 years or more the quick & easy solution has been either make a sandwich with peanut butter & jam / jelly, or throw some cold cuts on a bun or a couple of slices of bread.

But of course neither of these solutions will fly for the Back to School 2008 kiddies.

In recent years it was those crazy pre-packed Lunchmate Snack Packs, but even they have fallen out of favour now with the listeria outbreak, and previously with a salmonella incident in 1998 (traced back to Schneider's by-the-way).

So what is a mom to do?

As most classrooms, do not provide either refrigerators or microwaves, it makes it difficult to pack leftovers.

I'm guessing more kids will be bringing salmon / tuna or egg salad sandwiches... any thoughts?

2008 Aug 30
Great forum discussion! Many impressive and healthy lunch ideas! I am not a parent but sometimes get in a rut making my own lunches.

A useful resource on healthy lunch ideas for children and adults alike are the fact sheets under 'Eat Well, Live Well' on Dietitian's of Canada website:

I used to give educational grocery store tours when I worked in the Maritimes (they have registered dietitians in most stores!) It's really amazing how little some know about healthy eating and reading food labels (ie: lunchables). I loved asking customers what they looked at when they read a label and if they thought that value was high or low (ie: grams of salt, fat, fibre). Most people have no clue. There are many determinants of health that affect one's ability to eat healthy. However, its very refreshing to see parents like you setting great examples for your children!