Weekend (August 23 / 24, 2008) [General]

2008 Aug 23
A foodie weekend to tie-up loose ends, a time to get out and visit all those end of summer activities that are coming to a close:

Carp Farmers' Market (Saturday 8:00 - 1:00) - CORN FEST
Greek Festival (August 14th - 24th) - ENDS SUNDAY!
Super Ex (August 14th - 24th) - ENDS SUNDAY!
"Ladies & Gents step right up and get your fill of carny food"

I still didn't find time this week to get out to the Greek Festival, so now it is on my MUST DO list for this weekend. And Corn Fest at the Carp Farmers' Market sounds interesting, time to pick up some local Peaches & Cream. Yum-Yum.

Is anyone else making plans?

2008 Aug 23
Carp Farmer's Market Corn Fest for me. I go and buy tons of corn and cut it all off the cob to freeze for the winter months. Plus, gotta get a beef on a bun!

2008 Aug 23
Chimichimi - Went to Carp Farmers' Market and bought some corn on the cob, 6 ears for $ 2.50 from Hudson's Farm (we only wanted 6) they were selling a Baker's Dozen for $ 5.00 The corn looks great, and we got them for a dollar a dozen cheaper than the other stalls.

Also got some yellow beans from Acorn Creek Garden Farm, a Quart container for $ 4.00 (again about $ 1.00 cheaper than the other vendors). Looked at their garlic braids, but I still think it too hot to hang one in the house just yet, something I prefer to purchase in the Fall (the garlic then lasts longer). Thought I might try one of their single bulbs, they had a basket full, I picked thru til I found a large firm one. Cost was $ 2.00, a little steep vs Loblaws, but then again this is local and not from China, something to be said for that.

We got there late in the AM, so by then Lil Cakes had pretty much sold out... although she said there were lots of cookies left, and Back Forty Cheese was absent today.

However the ultimate disappointment of the day was the "Bacon on a Bun".
Although it looked good, and smelled good, it just wasn't up to par. We both opted for one with Swiss Cheese. The bun & condiments were great - tomatoe slices, onion slices, iceberg lettuce, and a ton of choices when it came to sauces. The bacon however was a let down... first they use bacon strips not peameal or back bacon, and secondly it was way too underdone for our liking. It is sad when you anticipate something and then it is a disappointment. As we left we both said we should of ordered something from the Thai or Indian kiosk, everything from those two spots looked delicious... oh well maybe next time.

Still hoping to get to the Greek Festival before it ends, maybe tomorrow.

2008 Aug 24
F&T - I bought 1.5 dozen cobs of corn, this year's corn fest was a bit of a disappointment to be honest because of the lack of variety. It seems the only type being sold was 'maple sweet' or something... last year there was more variety and more corn vendors. I guess I'll just have to wait a couple of weeks.

Oh, it's all about the beef on a bun - not bacon on a bun. You have to specifically request back bacon or peameal bacon or side bacon, or a combo. It's not intuitive, and sometimes they run out of one of the types of bacon so it can be a disappointment.

Back 40 doesn't always make it out for some reason... I wish he came out every weekend. Oh well. I noticed he's selling his stuff through Nicastro's on Wellington.

2008 Aug 25
I never did make it out to the Greek Festival.

Maybe next year.

Chimichimi - That is indeed the type of corn we bought. We boiled it up on Saturday Night it was excellent. I'm looking forward to finding some Peaches & Cream (my favourite).

Good to know about Back Forty, I plan to go to the Market again in September, hopefully they'll be there then.

2008 Aug 26
The trick at the market is to bring your kids. That way you can order bacon on a bun for one, some spring rolls and curry from Mali for the other and some indian for yourself ... and of course help your kids finish of theirs ... (glutton father).

2nd bacon on a bun ordering protocol - always ask for both side and back bacon.

On the corn front Hudson's has always had excellent corn its our go to stand. There was another stand we had last year and it was great but my memory fails me. On a side note we visited JT market in Montreal last weekend, and they had the most amazingly sweet corn I think I ever tasted. Sugar pops in your mouth. Even the stuff we ate the next day was amazing (I hate keeping corn more than a day normally). The vendor there was "King of Corn" (Roi du mais???)

2008 Aug 26
Sourdough - LOL, I remember those years.

I had no idea that there was a "choice" at the Bacon on a Bun counter. If I decide to give this another try, I'll be sure and scope that out.

We thought the corn from Hudsons Farm quite yummy! I would buy from them again.

2008 Aug 30
Back 40 was out again today - this time with their Bonnechere toasted rind cheese... holy smoke, it's tasty!

2008 Aug 31
Chimichimi - My next trip out to the Carp Market will probably be in a week or two, hopefully the Back Forty will be there then... I'm looking forward to trying out their products because I've heard so many good things about them.