when homebrew goes wrong [General]

2008 Aug 22
My worst nightmare. An episode of COPS - speaking of idiot police. You'd think police in Washington state of all places would know homebrew when they saw it.

OK, if buddy wasnt' an idiot and had a grow op going too, he probably would have gotten off.

Sounds like the search warrant was for a "still", which means a nosey neighbour saw him brewing in the driveway and called him in.

Technically, my wort chiller could be used for distilling. Though the one buddy had in the video appears to be an immersion chiller, which ain't the same thing at all

2008 Aug 22
Wow Zym....I feel a little cheated here. I was hoping there were explosions involved....like in the Beer Baron episode of The Simpsons.
is an explosion or two too much to ask?