anyone make burritos? [General]

2008 Aug 18
Gawsh I love those burritos you buy at Loblaws - even the no-name ones! For a buck each they can't be beat. But they are loaded with crap!

Anyone out there have a clue how to DIY? I'm guessing just whip up some stuff for the middle, wrap in a flat bread, then bake?

My wife bakes hers in tinfoil to keep them soft, but I like the way the flat bread gets all hard when you bake them without wrapping in anything.

2010 Jul 25
Coincidence? I think not: we are having black bean burritos tonight! (With that PC Chipotle salsa I mentioned on another thread.) I use canned black beans in a pinch, but they are sooo much cheaper dried (and if cooked right, way better).

I use a basic Diane Kennedy recipe for dried black beans...she calls them "pot beans", then "well-fried beans" rather than "refried".