looking for indonesian peanut sauce (bar) [Food/Vendor]

2008 Jul 11
Does anyone know of a place to buy a starter for peanut sauce that comes
in a brick form? I'm pretty sure it is Indonesian in origin. It come in
colour coded packages - red, blue and green? for various levels of spice.

I used to get this at the Asian Market when I lived in Kingston, but have
not been able to source it anywhere on Summerset. I've made my own from scratch
but this stuff is really good.

2008 Jul 12
The dutch grocery store carries it, ottawafoodies.com/vendor/1147

2008 Jul 14
Sorry, I sort of skimmed through your post and I may have been thinking of the wrong one.

The dutch grocery sells "conimex" brand and it comes in a small yellow tub, with sort of a brick of dehydrated peanut satay sauce in it. You may like it anyways, it is FAR better than powdered mixes. I prefer to make my own using crunchy peanut butter and spices over the powdered types.

If not, I do go to Kingston regularly, and I usualy stop in at the asian market by Princess and Division (near the shoppers drugmart) if thats he market you were thinking... I used to work a few doors up from there ;-)

I can always pick some up for ya, I wouldn't mind trying that type anyways.

2008 Jul 15
That should be the place - I haven't been there in ages - it moved, then burned down while I lived there. The stuff to look for is a brick of dark hard peanut/chilis, wrapped in cellophane with a blue or red label. An indonesian
co-worker introduced me to the stuff. She claimed that's all her family ever used at home for satay.

I'll have to swing by the dutch grocery and give the yellow tub a try too. For a quick fix I'll grab a bottle of PC memories of Szechuan - it's not too bad, but it not as good and pretty runny.

2008 Jul 17
The Indonesian name is Bumbu Gado Gado.
Man Phong Grocery in Somerset carry them.
They also sell items imported from Indonesian.

2016 Jul 22
Just in case anyone I looking for this in the future, T & T carries it.