Duck breast [General]

2008 Jul 8
Hi everyone! Has anyone met duck breasts and duck sausages in the grocery stores? I often meet breast/sausage dishes in the restaurants and but I could never by them. I usually see just the whole duck on sale, but you don't get too much meat with it. Once I stopped by a meatshop on the Market and they told me they didn't have breasts at the moment but the usual price was about 40$ per kilo which seemed a bit pricey. Are there any duck fans :) here that could give me a couple of hints? Thanks in advance.

2008 Jul 8
I've seen frozen duck breasts at Saslove's Meat Market. I don't know how much they are though, or if they have duck sausages.

2008 Jul 8
Moscovite - You might also want to check Mariposa Farms in Plantagenet, about 60 Km East of Ottawa on Highway 174 / Old Highway 17. I suggest that you contact them by e-mail, their website is or call them (613)673-5881 before heading out there though just to make sure they have what you are looking for.

2008 Jul 8
Seriously Duck is the best, my fav meal, Duck and Blackberry. I have seen duck breasts quite often, I think in the butchers in the market. Ill let you in on a secret, Duck and Gooseberry, the ultimate Duck combo ;) Serve with Potato Lyonaise and wilted buttered spinach.

2008 Jul 9
I seconded F&T with calling up mariposa farms. I use there duck and goose all the time (not to mention foie) and it is of superior quality. And if you have'nt gone out there yet, go on a sunday so you can have bunch as well!

2008 Jul 9
You could also try Aubrey's in the Byward Market. If memory serves me right they actually have a separate fridge with products they get from Mariposa Duck Farms. I'm pretty sure I saw some sausages in there on my last visit and they might have some duck breasts as well.

2008 Jul 9
Last week I bought duck for the first time.
I bought both duck breast and duck sausages at Costco. They were also selling duck fat.
The kids and I loved both the sausages and the breast and both were super easy to cook. The breast seared up lovely and moist. I'll be going back for more of both.

2008 Jul 10
I've seen duck breast at loblaws and superstore on and off. Bearbrook might have them too.

2008 Jul 10
BakinBomb - Could you pls specify where and when at Costco? Since I've never seen it there... is it where all the fresh meat is? Thx!

2008 Jul 10

I second Moscovite's request.... However, I can add some information. I have seen duck breasts and other duck products when a duck booth was set up at a cost for 3-4 days. They were selling Brone Lake duck which is quite nice. You might get a better duck from Mariposa. However, the cost of the duck breasts I bought that one time was $5-$6 each I think and that is quite a good deal IMHO and certainly cheaper than a Mariposa breast at the butcher shop I think.

But I am hoping that BankinBomb will tell us of a Costco that has it all of the time. When I made a meal with the frozen breast I had, I went hunting around Ottawa for another Brone Lake one but had no luck.



2008 Jul 11
MedicineJar - Don't know much about Duck at Costco, but I can tell you that Brome Lake Duck (from Brome in the Quebec Eastern Townships) probably isn't easily sourced in Ottawa... I would think that Mariposa is the primary supplier here due to their location. You will however find Brome Lake Duck more readily in the Montreal area.

EDIT: Ok I googled them, they have a website, and there is a listing for "Where to Find Our Products"... evidently YES Costco is a regular customer of theirs.

2008 Jul 13
I was at the Costco in Gatineau yesterday and they did indeed have a Brome Lake Duck booth there. I would imagine its still there today. 1 Frozen duck breast - $4.59! A steal of a deal if you ask me. I bought 4 and I am thinking I probably should have bought more. Unfortunately, the smoked duck slices were not as cheap as they were last year at Costco. Now they are selling them for $7.99 whereas last year they were either $5.99 or $6.99. $7.99 is still cheaper than you will find them for around town but only by a buck so not worth it, at least for me, to stock up for the future.

F&T: I actually got in touch the company earlier this year and they said I could find their products at Loblaws as well. However, while many of the Loblaws had a full duck there from them, I was not able to find a regular source for their breasts even though they told me they would be carried there. In the end, I decided to reduce the meal by 1 duck breast. I do not believe that Costco regularly has the frozen duck breasts in their frozen section. If anyone knows of a Costco that carries that regularly, please let me know.

2008 Jul 17
I recently saw an TV interview from YouTube. The interview took place in a famous restaurant in Hong Kong. One of the dishes served was Duck Breast with plum sauce (to a 76-year old lady who used to own a chain of pastry stores in Hong Kong). When she ate the duck breast, she kept saying "Oh! It tastes so good!" I wanted some.

2008 Jul 20
So sorry I haven't been back since that post!
It was indeed a booth at Costco. And it was more fleeting than I'd expected. When I went back to buy more they had sadly gone.

2008 Jul 24
Saslove's on Wellington St. West definitely has duck breasts, pretty much all the time (both fresh and frozen

2008 Aug 5
Just as a follow up to the Lac Brome duck at Costco they do in fact carry it but just for a limited time. I made a field trip to Costco on Merivale during my week off last week and they had some available but only from July 22 to August 3. Apparently they only carry it for two weeks every year during that time period (last week of July and first week of August).