Umi Cafe Grand Opening [Events]

2008 Jun 26
The new coffee shop on Somerset is open and it seems as though they are having a grand opening.
I thought I would post a photo I grabbed from Watawa Life's blog.

If you live in Centretown West, you would understand what a big deal it is to finally have a coffee shop!

Here is Watawa's link:

2008 Jul 20
Umi Cafe is a cooperative that is vegetarian and vegan friendly. According to one of the baristas, their website doesn't yet list their menu, as the co-op members are meeting soon to finalize it. So far it looks like a hip and happening place with an eclectic crowd. Once the cafe gets over the bumpy road of training everyone, I suspect it will be a cornerstone of the West Centretown community!

2008 Jul 25
This will be a great place to stop when I go to Somerset street on a saturday or sunday to shop. Coffee(of the hot rather than iced variety) does seem hard to find on Somerset.

2008 Jul 25
Woohoo! I'm really excited to stop in here. It'll be nice to have a non-chain coffeeshop that's open late and not over near Elgin or the Market.

2008 Jul 25
I'm always up for trying a new coffee place. I am a bit perplexed as to why the actual coffee (and food, assuming they have some) seems to be an afterthought on their web site. I hope they put as much effort into their coffee as their various events, poetry, art etc. Will definitely try it nevertheless.

2008 Jul 26
I gave Umi a shot for an after dinner coffee the other night. It's quite a hoppin' little joint. I don't think I've seen so many people in one spot along that part of Somerset except, well, in the Beer Store on a Friday night :-) Hope they do well.

2009 Jul 12
I just noticed my friend Naomi in one of the pics
will be stopping by
report later

2009 Jul 13
Obi, how do you know Naomi? (I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. The city is so small at times)

2009 Jul 13
Naomi is friends with a great friend of mine (now stuck in Edmunton) and she worked a very brief stint at the resto when we were very short handed

a kind and beautiful soul, them both

2009 Jul 13
That she is. (I'll take your word about your very good friend in Edmonton).

2009 Jul 13
sheila is...most assuredly
although I don't miss the injera fund raisers
back to Umi
glad it's made it and hope it goes many more years
restos like that break ground whered ground needs to be broken

2009 Jul 13
funny. i recently met naomi as well and both i and my son thought she was lovely. i hope good things happen for her (and for the coffee shop).