Papaya Salad (Dum Mak Hoong) [General]

2008 Jun 9
I love to eat Lao Green Papaya Salad, pretty much all year round. There is just something about the taste of the spicy, sweet, and sour combination of the dish to make your taste buds dance.

2008 Jun 9
Nice photo and i agree w/ your assessment! Where do you get your fix?

2008 Jun 10
I was born into it, so Im lucky... but there is a Lao Festival coming up in July where you can get your Papaya salad fixing

2008 Jun 10
A Lao festival ... in Ottawa? Cool -- any other details?

2008 Jun 10
Yeah, it's usually right outside Ottawa. I went last year, there's tons of food/entertainement. I had a blast last year and am looking forward to it this year. I believe it's held on the 5th this year, but I will confirm and post deets.

2008 Jun 11
Is that the Laos festival in Kemptville? A co-worker of mine is from Laos and he mentioned there's a temple there. I know the Laos community is quite small, so I was surprised to hear where it was being held.

I love Thai/Cambodian/Viet food - are there any restaurants that serve Lao dishes in Ottawa?

2008 Jun 11
It is in Kempville and everyone is welcome ... great atmosphere, traditionally Lao music and of course the awesome food

I will ask around about Lao dishes served in Ottawa ... never really had to go looking, because the best Lao cooking is found at my mom's lol

2008 Jun 11
Pookie's owner (and her chef) are both from a region in n-east Thailand that's fairly close to Laos.

While there are differences (esp. to someone from Laos), n-eastern thai does share some affinity w/ Laotian cuisine. Monty (and others): the owner was really enthusiastic when i asked if they had any "issaan" style Thai food.

I think the owner has just returned to her home-town for a couple weeks (hopefully sourcing ingredients, etc.), but the restaurant is still open... i'm just not certain if her stand-in is also from the same area.

anyway, looking forward to the Kempville festival. Thanks for the mention!

2008 Jun 13
This Lao Festival in July sounds interesting... is this an annual event? Does anyone have more info, do they have a website? I did a quick search on the Internet and came up empty.

2008 Jul 2
Any more info on that Laos Festival?! Is it this week???

2008 Jul 3
Yes, I too am awaiting more info on this festival... dates, location, etc. please share.