Asian Cooking Experience [Cooking]

2006 Dec 18
I was inspired to make more Asian food in the future..

The Kalbi recipe is for ribs but I was recommended to use up my sirloin tip on skewers, with Finadene Sauce for the rice, and Japanese Peanut Dressing for the radicchio/romaine/snow pea salad, and here's the result (I hope the link works and isn't too annoying):

Recipes are available if anyone is interested.

Sorry Mark, as much as I wanted to use your salad dressing recipe, I had to go with something soy sauce free, cuz roomie was complaining.

I did appreciate it though and saved it for the next adventure.

2006 Dec 18
Looks great! I can almost smell that marinade... ;-)

Hey, it was only four photos -- you could have posted them right here in consecutive forum postings no problem.

2006 Dec 19
Wowee, that looks absolutely delicious. I wish I had some meat to grill right about now. Too early for that. The beef looks awful tender. Good thing I have a bowl of Corn Pops beside me to tide over my hunger, or else I would probably be gnawing on my screen.

2006 Dec 19
Looks very good!

I take pictures of food i prepare sometimes because i was planning to make a little "recipe" website for a couple of friends.. but i suck at presentation.. (i would need someone to plate the food)

but i'll share one :)

chicken Beriani i made a few weeks ago. (recipe stolen from the Malaysia course i took one night at algonquin.. it's pretty good)

p.s. comments/criticisms VERY much accepted.

2006 Dec 19
I'd eat it!

Very nice... :-)

2006 Dec 19
Looks awesome!! I want those plates!

Nice presentation.

How did you fix the rice?

2006 Dec 21
I love those plates also.. i got a whole set close to 2 years ago and they look nice.

Rice has poppy seeds in it and you finish cooking it along with the chicken and all the other ingredients (including cashews).