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 Vitamix  General 842016 Sep 30LuLux
 Two foodie events this weekend  Events 02016 Sep 29Pasta lover
 architecture and cake  General 02016 Sep 28Rizak
 Sous Vide is the most important thing to happen to my kitchen  Cooking 82016 Sep 27Francis
 Charity Event for Ottawa Network for Education - Sept 24/25  Events 42016 Sep 27FoodTravel
 Need help with Gluten Free Hiking / Camping  Food/Vendor 42016 Sep 26sourdough
 Off topic: Keynote on Building Hospitable Communities for Aging  Events 02016 Sep 26FoodTravel
 wild mushrooms for sale  General 12016 Sep 25felinefan
 10th Anniversary of Ottawa Foodies!  Site 212016 Sep 25Momomoto
 Article on Meals on Wheels  General 02016 Sep 24FoodTravel
 Phyllo Cups  Food/Vendor 82016 Sep 23felinefan
 Looking to hire Chief Distiller  General 112016 Sep 23Stewtine
 The generous spirit that is Beau's continues  General 02016 Sep 22Andy
 Lakrids Liquorice  General 22016 Sep 21Brian Mc
 Spruce Beer  General 122016 Sep 21Andy
 Whitewater Brewing Commercial  Food/Vendor 22016 Sep 20MichaelGA
 Instantpot - programmable pressure cooker (continued)  General 242016 Sep 13OSoloMeal
 Baconpalooza Sept 9-11, 2016  Events 122016 Sep 12FoodTravel
 Beneci Pizza?  General 32016 Sep 12FoodMonger
 U-pick basil  Food/Vendor 102016 Sep 11FoodTravel
 Any interest in a hands on sushi workshop at T&T  General 112016 Sep 10FoodTravel
 New Openings 2016 (continued) (continued)  General 622016 Sep 9Hungry Pete
 Tastes of Wellington West  Events 12016 Sep 9OSoloMeal
 Almonte Food + Drink Show  Events 12016 Sep 9FoodTravel
 Canning Demo 8/31 and 9/1 @ Canada Agriculture and Food Museum  Events 32016 Sep 9FoodTravel
 Raindrop cake  General 12016 Sep 7OSoloMeal
 Schwartz's Style Smoked Meat in Ottawa?  Food/Vendor 312016 Sep 5Shadh
 Aug 28: Pop-up at town: Mellos Burger  Events 32016 Sep 4Check the ice
 Newfoundland Night!  General 72016 Sep 4Terry
 Hintonburg Food Crawl @ Bar Laurel and Carben  General 252016 Sep 3FoodTravel
 dehydrator art experiment  General 12016 Sep 2Francis
 cleaning vinegar  General 132016 Sep 2Francis
 Delivery  Food/Vendor 62016 Sep 2OSoloMeal