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 New Year's Eve Izakaya at C'est Japon a Suisha?  General 02013 Dec 31Johanna
 Attention all farmers - show us your selfies!  General 02013 Dec 31zymurgist
 Raw Milk  General 212013 Dec 31zymurgist
 Favourite sports/television event food?  General 42013 Dec 30collision
 looking for a restaurant in Port Hope  Food/Vendor 32013 Dec 29hipfunkyfun
 Boxing sales on Le Creuset?  General 152013 Dec 28Herby
 I don't even understand why this is at Costco  Food/Vendor 62013 Dec 27Share Freehouse
 New Openings 2013  General 2862013 Dec 26blubarry
 Bradley Smoker  General 672013 Dec 25zymurgist
 Beaus does it again!  Food/Vendor 12013 Dec 25Rizak
 Lunch recommendations near the Qualicum building  General 272013 Dec 24Captain Caper
 peameal back bacon  General 92013 Dec 23ChrisB
 Xmas eve dinner?  General 02013 Dec 234brrlcarb
 Dealfind- Dumouchel Butcher  General 102013 Dec 23warby
 Butter  General 242013 Dec 23felinefan
 Best New Year's?  General 22013 Dec 21LF
 Haters guide to Williams Sonoma  General 42013 Dec 21krusty
 Christmas Meals for the Needy  General 32013 Dec 21zymurgist
 What is your secret foodie shame?  General 2202013 Dec 20collision
 What a food bank can do...  General 32013 Dec 19zymurgist
 turkey  Food/Vendor 142013 Dec 17krusty
 Burger Success Story  General 12013 Dec 17OSoloMeal
 Gingerbread /Christmas Cookies  General 22013 Dec 17hipfunkyfun
 meat grinder recommendations  General 142013 Dec 16felinefan
 Chocolate as Christmas Gift  General 142013 Dec 15MissPiggy
 F.O.O.D. show  Events 72013 Dec 14lovetoeat
 Soda Syrup in Ottawa?  General 32013 Dec 13Dave Neil
 Mt. Scio Savoury  General 62013 Dec 12Terry
 I am a foodie and I know it  General 02013 Dec 12Das Foodie
 S T A R A N I S E ???  General 72013 Dec 11Rizak
 Fine gastronomie  Food/Vendor 12013 Dec 11Wheresdafood
 Lighting the BGE  General 132013 Dec 11refashionista
 I love Guy Fieri  General 222013 Dec 9OSoloMeal
 Burger Press  Cooking 32013 Dec 9zymurgist
 Let There Be Light - Wine and Food Tasting Fundraiser for WIN  Events 02013 Dec 8WIN Inc
 Help looking for accelarated cooking class  Cooking 72013 Dec 8New User 4265
 Lunenburg Pub Switching to Craft Beer  General 112013 Dec 6krusty
 Antique Cocktail Coupes  Booze 52013 Dec 6The Paternal Drunk
 Cheesy Dishes  General 72013 Dec 5Pasta lover
 For Sale 2X Pioneer CDJ-900 + DJM-900 Nexus  General 22013 Dec 5Sparrow Seed
 APDC Cabane a Sucre  General 82013 Dec 5Brian Mc
 Ode to the pig...  General 632013 Dec 4Boudin Noir
 Loose tea vendor  General 72013 Dec 3Pasta lover
 economics of drinking  Booze 132013 Dec 3sourdough
 Assorted Guts  General 42013 Dec 2W.C.
 Cooking Classes in Ottawa  General 72013 Dec 2FoodTravel
 The Montreal foodie thread  General 82013 Dec 2OSoloMeal
 Things you thought you invented but didn't  General 92013 Dec 1Prettytastyreviews