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 Suggestions for 'perfect' lasagna pan  General 42012 Feb 29snoopy loopy
 Art Project - Your Fridge  General 12012 Feb 29Darren Andrew
 Maple syrup expiry date  General 42012 Feb 28hipfunkyfun
 Road Eats  General 402012 Feb 28Ken V
 Looking for vegetarian  General 42012 Feb 28Mark1475
 Looking for a good Butcher  General 102012 Feb 28New User 3629
 Humanely raised meat?  General 42012 Feb 27Happy Mouth Blog
 Kefir Milk Grains  General 62012 Feb 27zymurgist
 books about smoking and sausage?  General 162012 Feb 27organicgirl
 LF cheap campfire forks  General 132012 Feb 27hipfunkyfun
 50% off at Ott's only Chilean restaurant  General 12012 Feb 26Rizak
 Arthouse coop: The Meal  General 12012 Feb 26solstice
 Cheap drinks at decent spots?  General 62012 Feb 24Johnny English
 grinding your own flour  General 42012 Feb 24zymurgist
 India  Travel 62012 Feb 24JDK
 Private Nutrition cooking classes  Cooking 62012 Feb 23FoodMonger
 Best Chardonnay?  General 62012 Feb 22lemontart
 IKEA pots (365+ line)  Food/Vendor 92012 Feb 22zymurgist
 Looking for BBQ judges!  General 182012 Feb 22ed
 Incorrect Menus - Seems to be an Ottawa thing  General 52012 Feb 21warby
 Small Plates  Food/Vendor 42012 Feb 20butwhoami
 Valentine's Day 2012  General 102012 Feb 20yessi
 Top Choice Catering - Specialized in West-Indian Cuisine  Cooking 02012 Feb 20Top Choice Catering
 Restaurant for fresh pasta  General 42012 Feb 18solstice
 The Winter Warmer on February 18th  Events 22012 Feb 18FoodTravel
 Where to get good Mango  General 92012 Feb 18Eastcoast.chef
 Historic Recipes  General 72012 Feb 17Captain Caper
 Lump Charcoal  General 32012 Feb 17BingoRingo
 Greber Pizza?  General 32012 Feb 17Dita
 Beer and Food pairing event this weekend  Events 32012 Feb 16OttawaBeerTAPSociety
 Triple Bypass Burger  General 32012 Feb 16Rizak
 Matrix chickens  General 82012 Feb 16warby
 Alex's bakery closed? anyone know?  General 22012 Feb 16Prettytastyreviews
 Home Butchery  General 32012 Feb 16Captain Caper
 Open Table  General 132012 Feb 16blubarry
 cooking classes  General 02012 Feb 154brrlcarb
 Greek Yogourt  General 362012 Feb 15Ottawop
 Art-is-in classes  General 12012 Feb 15Pasta lover
 Almonte - where to eat?  General 22012 Feb 14Tree Pug
 Where to buy Israeli couscous in Ottawa?  Cooking 182012 Feb 13cwilker10
 Marc Lepine Wins 2012 Canadian Culinary Championship!  General 52012 Feb 13Chimichimi
 Maison Chaloin: Master Chocolatiers Order while you can!  General 12012 Feb 13Niall
 I should have said something earlier  General 22012 Feb 13lovetoeat
 KELP WINTER WARMER - FEB 18  General 112012 Feb 12Wheresdafood
 pig roast/wedding  General 22012 Feb 11krusty
 Stew Cook Off  Events 42012 Feb 11FoodTravel
 Made In Canada (MIC)  Food/Vendor 22012 Feb 11Rizak
 Black Bird Cafe  General 02012 Feb 114brrlcarb
 Cervelle de Veau - in Ottawa - Where?  General 02012 Feb 11typicallydia
 Winterlude Seinfeld dinner at Atelier  General 72012 Feb 10Scrabbies
 PC Black Label  General 72012 Feb 9Bobby Fillet
 My Two Cents- Food and Drink  General 32012 Feb 9EnglishFoodie
 Humane Eggs?  General 102012 Feb 7krusty
 Liberte Cottage Cheese, the best?!  Food/Vendor 72012 Feb 7organicgirl
 Everyone's a Foodie (food bank fundraising)  Events 02012 Feb 6cardamom
 Where to Find Fresh Italian Truffles  General 82012 Feb 6Chimichimi
 Where to find preserved lemons?  Food/Vendor 42012 Feb 6AMR
 Where to find Tapatio hot sauce in Ottawa...?  General 72012 Feb 5I am New User 4526
 COUPON for Disney on Ice in Ottawa!  Events 12012 Feb 5Pasta lover
 Montreal delivery/takeout  General 12012 Feb 4EMSam
 Brianna's Fine Dressing  General 32012 Feb 4hipfunkyfun
 Home Preserves  General 372012 Feb 4blubarry
 you're gonna love my nuts! (spicy smoked peanuts)  Recipes 362012 Feb 4Prettytastyreviews
 Free cookbooks  General 02012 Feb 4Johnny English
 New England style Portuguese breakfast muffins?  General 102012 Feb 3blubarry
 Taste of Winterlude question  Events 02012 Feb 3lovetoeat
 Healthy Take-out  General 192012 Feb 2BM
 Ethiopian ingredients  Food/Vendor 82012 Feb 2Caperbeachgal