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 going to St Louis  Travel 22012 Oct 30PB&A
 Venue for Girls' Night  General 92012 Oct 29Sgt. Yum Yum
 Choral Music and Dessert  General 42012 Oct 29blubarry
 Ottawa Street Food Petition  Food/Vendor 322012 Oct 28Captain Caper
 Cookbook Destash  General 12012 Oct 28Rizak
 Peanut free sunflower seeds.  General 12012 Oct 27HungryMom
 Supermarket Chain Ends Factory Farming Ahead of Schedule  General 12012 Oct 27zymurgist
 Looking for the best heated travel mug!  General 92012 Oct 26Stuart S
 Birthday Dinners?  General 32012 Oct 26W.C.
 where to buy free range eggs!  General 172012 Oct 26W.C.
 Ottawa Farmers' Market Christmas Market CANCELLED  Events 122012 Oct 26krusty
 New Brew Pub in Carleton Place  General 22012 Oct 26zymurgist
 calf liver  Cooking 12012 Oct 25Rizak
 Best prices for Raw Nuts?  General 42012 Oct 25Captain Caper
 Ontario Gov't tells Union Local 613 to change its name  General 272012 Oct 31schnicken
 Tuscan peppers and whole spice  General 42012 Oct 24Thisnameworks
 Tonight only! Dine out for Hunger  General 22012 Oct 24southshoregirl
 Chanterelles at Costco  General 72012 Oct 24Pasta lover
 Bacon  General 332012 Oct 24Eastcoast.chef
 The Big Chunk of Fudge  General 42012 Oct 23blubarry
 How to cook young leek?  General 102012 Oct 23Caperbeachgal
 Ferme Rouge on Sundays  General 62012 Oct 22OSoloMeal
 lemon squeezer worth it?  Cooking 02012 Oct 22solstice
 Home winemaking  Booze 212012 Oct 215120
 round on the house  Food/Vendor 102012 Oct 20PubGuy
 Première Moisson  Food/Vendor 42012 Oct 19PB&A
 Hot Turkey Sandwich?  General 42012 Oct 19monty
 Don't miss "An Evening with Chef Michael Smith" Oct. 24!  Events 02012 Oct 18Writers Festival
 London Trip Report September 2012  Travel 282012 Oct 18FoodTravel
 California suggestions  Travel 142012 Oct 18FoodTravel
 Brewery Market this Saturday Oct 13 in Hintonburg  General 482012 Oct 18FoodTravel
 Pepper Garden Bistro Review  Food/Vendor 02012 Oct 18User 4364
 Any apple connoisseurs?  General 202012 Oct 18Debs
 XL Foods (Cargill) Beef Recall Timeline  General 172012 Oct 18zymurgist
 Farmers' Markets  Events 02012 Oct 17spud guy
 Broadhead Anniversary Party - Sat Oct. 20  General 22012 Oct 16Momomoto
 New Ottawa Citizen restaurant critic  General 82012 Oct 16FlyingBanzini
 Divino Wine Studio  General 32012 Oct 15Mac1960
 Food Politics - fish farming in NS  General 32012 Oct 15refashionista
 Scenes from LUSHtoberfest  General 12012 Oct 14krusty
 Ham  General 32012 Oct 14Tree Pug
 Myrtle Beach, SC  General 32012 Oct 12Lucky13
 Feast Of Fields 2012!  Events 332012 Oct 12Feast of Fields 2012
 Puffballs?  General 102012 Oct 11Captain Caper
 Chef Matthew Carmichael - Charity Dinner for the World's Fare  Events 92012 Oct 11Sharif V.
 Happy 70th Birthday to Mellos Diner!!!  Events 02012 Oct 11TMac
 New to Ottawa  General 62012 Oct 10chcatl
 brining containers  General 192012 Oct 10Tiana
 Bradley Smoker Experiments  General 52012 Oct 10Bobby Fillet
 Paris Trip Report September 2012  Travel 282012 Oct 10FoodTravel
 rice cannon  Science 22012 Oct 9Rizak
 making charcoal  General 102012 Oct 9Rizak
 Pasta classes?  General 52012 Oct 8Momomoto
 Gezellig  Food/Vendor 102012 Oct 8New User 5097
 making pasta  Cooking 112012 Oct 8mark_ottawa
 Restaurant induced food poisoning - to report, or not to report  General 222012 Oct 5Rizak
 Beer and Food Pairing  General 42012 Oct 4PB&A
 Best Sushi Downtown?  General 172012 Oct 3Niall
 pig farmers beware!  General 52012 Oct 3Tree Pug
 Where to get Belgian beers?  Booze 112012 Oct 2Downtown Diner
 Really stupid food ideas.  General 122012 Oct 2blubarry
 people's choice beer award - need input  Events 102012 Oct 1zymurgist
 Good dill pickles in Ottawa  General 122012 Oct 1Isabelle
 ready to bake croissants  General 72012 Oct 1FoodTravel
 Beau's Oktoberfest 2012  Events 72012 Oct 1zymurgist
 Customer Experience at Cake Shop  General 102012 Oct 1FoodTravel