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Vietnamese meat rice vermicelli soup.

Bn Riu at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Bn Riu at Authentic Vietnamese Pho House
Bn Riu at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Where to get Bn Riu


2013 Sep 8
The Bn riu thập cẩm was the tastiest bn riu I've ever had. Three different types of seafood patties (the shrimp ones were especially amazing) in a mildly hot and sour crab and tomato broth with vermicelli. Great flavour profile!

2015 May 15
Less garlicky, smaller fried tofu, and still not very spicy, the bn riu cua has changed a bit since I first had it here 4 years ago. A few tasty blobs of brown crab meat and lots of slippery thick rice vermicelli. I loaded all the shredded lettuce into the bowl along with the basil. Very nice for a change in my routine!

2011 May 29
Enjoyed a bowl of bn riu cua after reading about it on Anne DesBrisay's review (www.ottawacitizen.com).

The soup was good, although I don't remember details. It was less spicy than I expected but quite garlicky.

I was there just a few days after the Citizen review was published and the place was hopping! Like Momomoto, I had already posted my photo to Twitter (twitter.com) and didn't remember to put it here until now.