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Bread Pudding at Art Is In Bakery
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2011 Dec 30
I finally had the chance to try this today. I think I have died and gone to heaven. Oh my.

2011 Oct 30
This is the bread pudding I enjoyed yesterday. As dropofh2o says, the sweetness builds up over time. I suggest accompanying it with an Americano, but with less sugar than you might normally choose. Eaten by a single dedicated individual, this makes for a super filling breakfast.

I also agree it could have been hotter. Holding the bowl in my hand for at least 5 minutes while waiting in line to pay didn't help the situation.

This photo sure looks different from the one I posted earlier this year. I guess the product varies over time. I think I prefer it with bigger chunks and a little more custard.

2011 Oct 29
Had this last week. It was very tasty and surprisingly not too sweet. I found it to be quite creamy and each bite of bread pudding would just melt into your mouth. By the end, I found it was cloying due to the large portion size and the richness so you may want to share it with somebody. The one minor complaint would be that I would like it to be served at a higher temperature as I found it to be almost lukewarm.

2011 Sep 20
Available again, as of today! So it looks like a fall/winter/spring thing. Fair enough, I can go 3 months without. I guess. :-)

2011 Jul 30
No longer available!? I got a quizzical look when asking about it. Maybe it's a winter thing...

2011 Apr 24
I am drooling. Had the bread pudding a few weeks back when they first added it to the menu and it was sublime, but now I see all that enticing caramel drizzle that can only be an improvement!

2011 Apr 24
This stuff is quite amazing! Very sweet -- great with an Americano. It's made from a bunch of chopped up pastries and sweet breads, soaked with custard, and drizzled with caramel. Worth getting fat for. ;-)

2017 Mar 25
They have started offering a sort of bread pudding made with leftover pastries, so of course I had to try that with my excellent cappuccino this morning!

Capped with a thin ganache and served on a plate, this pudding is drier than the custard-drenched bowl of yum I'm used to. It was quite enjoyable but will likely be a one-time purchase given that the wonderful texture of the fresh pastries here is a huge part of the draw for me.