Where to get Pig's Head


2015 Mar 12
Recently we assembled a group of 8 and pre-ordered the pig's head at Murray Street Kitchen. If you do this, be prepared that you will be presented with a blackened pig head complete with snout, teeth etc., and a carving knife and fork. It is no small amount of work for someone who is not a butcher to carve up a pig's head, but it was tremendous fun and we each took a turn. Sample dialogue:
"God the skin is as tough as leather!"
"Hey, it IS leather!"
General consensus was that the cheeks were the tastiest parts, and the condiments served along with the meat were wonderful adjuncts.

The whole experience was tasty and a lot of fun. This is a great thing to do with a group of foodie friends, and I really think that as an appetizer it will serve more than 10 easily.