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Also know as zucchini flowers.

Where to get Zucchini Blossoms

2010 Jul 20
Byward Market!

2010 Apr 7
I've seen them at Nicastro on Bank in the Glebe, but not with any frequency or regularity.

They frequently show up at the Farmers' Market and also at the Organic Market near Bank/Heron.

Hope that helps.

2010 Mar 22
I've seen them at the farmers markets in the summer too. Not that that helps for your current needs.

2010 Mar 19
Funny, I saw them at the Stittsville Independent just this weekend. Too far for you, I am sure, but they were in the Organic section. Not sure of the origin.

I don't believe that the Independent stores share perishable distribution with the Loblaw's parent.

2010 Mar 19
lady who brunches I am pretty sure I have seen zucchini blossoms at the Byward Fruit Market.

2010 Mar 19
I'm wondering if anyone knows a vendor who sells this as a grocery item.