Where to get Mushroom Risotto


2009 Aug 13
You can get away with any culinary misrepresentation through the magic of quotation marks. That way you can claim that your Berks. Pork Loin "Filet Mignon" with "HP Sauce" is all high concept and that you're just playing with people's expectations of what a "steak" is.

2009 Aug 13
On a related note... I don't really like how some restaurants call things what they shouldn't be, one of the main culprits being risotto. Risotto is a RICE dish made in a specific manner. Barley, orzo, whatever else... cannot and should not be called risotto. Even rice not cooked with the right process cannot be called risotto. This is akin to taking pork, grilling it, putting HP on it and calling it steak. It is not steak!... liars =(

2009 Aug 13
I was very confused about your comment with regards to Orzo. My brain went: "But....doesn't he know that risotto is made with..." followed by reading the next line.

That's very disconcerting indeed

2009 Aug 13
So, I went here with work a week ago and figured I should throw in my review here. I ordered the wild mushroom risotto. On the description, it said made with orzo... which, was mildly disappointing. On the other hand, the other dishes on the menu were totally uninspired so I went for this.

1) It was incredibly salty.
2) The orzo was overcooked.
3) I'm pretty sure this was not done in the style of risotto. Call it what it is... orzo pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce.
4) Wild mushrooms? Where art thou??? Not to be found in this dish.

Yeah... so... pretty much... I wish I had 4 hands so I could give this 4 thumbs down.