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Dark leafy green, member of the cabbage family and close relative to kale. Synonymous with soul food in the American deep south. The name also refers to the dish consisting of the green boiled with ham hocks.

Where to get Collard Greens

2013 Jun 17
Thanks to those of you who responded. I ended up getting them at Loblaws of all places. I popped in there to get something else and there they were.

2013 Jun 11
Fresh Co has them all the time (at least my local one does; Carleton Place)

2013 Jun 11
I have seen some at Farm Boy from time to time.. Usually with the swiss chard and kale.

2013 Jun 11
I have seen them periodically at Market Organics.

2013 Jun 11
Anyone know where to find these in Ottawa? I am looking for fresh ones, that I will be cooking. I had them as take-out from Dinosaur's in Syracuse last weekend and they were so good I want to make some.



2010 Apr 17
Like everything else, the seasonings don't get in the way of the natural flavours. These are pretty much just boiled in seasoned salt water. Very nice, with a hint of bitterness.

2009 Apr 10
The best side on the menu, and definitely the healthiest (LeRoy ommits the ham hock / pork necks for his vegetarian customers).

My three year old chicken nugget, kraft dinner, and ketchup monster proclaimed them the best part of her meal (over sweet bread, yams, and mac n'cheese). Nuff said.