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Candied sweet potatoes are a side dish consisting mainly of sweet potatoes prepared with brown sugar, marshmallows, maple syrup, molasses, or other sweet ingredients. Often served on Thanksgiving, this dish represents traditional American cooking and of that prepared with the indigenous peoples of the Americas when settlers first arrived. (as per Wikipedia)

Where to get Candied Yams

LeRoy's 1


2010 Apr 10
my favourite part of the meal. these were grand. again, the portion fell short; these came in a small cup, kind of the size you would expect salad dressing or other condiments to come in.

but, they were nonetheless divine.

2009 Apr 8
I can honestly say these are the best yams I have ever eaten. They alone would cause me to drive the 50-plus kms to Jean Albert's.

“The Man” is not a yam fan, but even he thought they tasted great...
But if he wants any he’ll have to get his own, because I’m not sharing!