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Similar to Corn Bread only sweeter.

Sweet Water Bread at LeRoy's
Where to get Sweet Water Bread

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2010 Apr 17
This turned out to not really be my thing. We were served what resembled sweet silver-dollar pancakes dusted with cornmeal. Judging from their chewiness, our specimens were not super fresh. Anyway, it looks like I'm in the minority, so go nuts with them all the rest of you. ;-P

2010 Apr 11
Ah! Good to know! This wasn't mentioned on the menu, but I will definitely ask next time.

2010 Apr 11
LWB, at the Hallville resto you could order additional breads at 50c a piece, to be delivered with the meal. Somewhat embarrassingly we've ordered them by dozen in the past.

2010 Apr 10
the sweet water bread was really, really, really yummy.

i have, however, one qualm: would it be possible to have, as an option, the sweet water bread served with the meal? (or ordered as a side)

both the husband and i felt that the meal would have been better with some more of the melt in your mouth goodness.

2009 Aug 26

What was left of our order before I remembered to take a photo. They are addictive and I would say their signature item.

2009 Apr 8
“Similar to Corn Bread only sweeter and waaaay more addictive” says the menu.

Well I can definitely vouch for this statement… made in the traditional southern style, more of a pancake than a loaf. We found it very tasty… so much so, that “The Man” bought us a second order.