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Also called jadala suria and majouleh.
A salty, twisted string cheese, originating in Northern Arabia (around Lebanon) -- likely Syria.

Majdouli Cheese
Majdouli Cheese
Where to get Majdouli Cheese

2013 Apr 6
Made these tasty little appetizers for happy hour today.
Slice some mini pitas in half, open them up carefully, grab some rinsed madjouli, enough to make a ball about 3/4" and squeeze and work it together, flatten a bit and insert into each pita; repeat until all are filled. Drizzle a little olive oil on the cheese in each pita and sprinkle with a little dried mint (or nigella seeds or ground hot chiliis or za'atar...)then place in hot panini grill and cook until cheese starts to melt and grill marks are seen on the pita.

2009 Jul 10
A little while ago I picked up some majdouli from Mid-East Food Centre and finally got around to trying it. It's VERY salty so I covered it with water in a bowl and gently separated most of the strands and rinsed it 3 times; this made it much more palatable and enjoyable. We loved it, as did some friends who were here. It's kinda chewy, sorta like curds, but with a lovely flavour from the nigella (aka kalongi) seeds. The cheese takes on the flavour of the seeds so no need to worry about rinsing them away. I did add some extra seeds just cause I love them and they made the dish of cheese look a bit better for the photo and the company. Gotta go back for more!

2009 Mar 10
Nooschi has more info, including a beautiful photo, on her blog: