Tiramisu at Poco Pazzo
Tiramisu at Johnny Farina
Tiramisu at La Provence
Where to get Tiramisu

2009 Jul 22
My friend brought me a treat (a Tiramisu cake from La Provence) today. I just ate 2 pieces (yum). I think I am in trouble since I also ate a big piece of chocolate cake from Swiss Pastries this afternoon.

P.S. I hope that they can sell fresh cake daily instead of selling frozen cakes.

2013 Oct 11
Returned for lunch today, three years after my last visit. The tiramisu has totally changed! It is now served in a cocktail glass with a strangely long handled spoon. It wasn't bad, but nothing like the perfectly balanced rendition I enjoyed previously.

The rest of the meal was unremarkable. Except for the latte, which was remarkably watery and sad.

2010 Aug 10
Probably the tastiest Tiramisu I've ever had the pleasure of eating. It's done in the layer cake style (as opposed to the messy free-form "in a bowl" style) and is served as a perfectly cut square on a rectangular plate drizzled with chocolate sauce. The balance of flavours was spot on! The quality reminded us of the spectacular French Chocolate Mousse Cake from Three Tarts.

2013 May 5
I am no expert in tiramisu but i really enjoyed this one. Light, fluffy and creamy. What is not to like?