Walleye / Pickerel at The Wellington Gastropub
Where to get Walleye / Pickerel


2008 Sep 16
When it came to order our second courses, I was hemming and hawing between the walleye and the chicken. Our server noticed this, and asked what I was trying to decide...when I told him, he immediately said the walleye. And wow, was I glad! Although I'm sure the chicken would have been just as good but he had said that this was the right season to have walleye since it takes a few years before the fish are good to eat again from the lakes. Or should I say, BEST to eat again. This fish (we call it pickerel mainly in SK) is not 'fishy' tasting at all and flaky. It was served on a bed of duck sausage (delish) potatoes, and beets. Sooooo goooood!!