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Xiao Long Bao

Soup Dumplings at Yangtze
Where to get Soup Dumplings

2008 Jul 15
I should also warn people to not confuse soup dumplings with dumpling soup. Dumpling soup is nothing like soup dumplings. Curse you, Yangtze, for getting my hopes up.

2008 Jul 14
Forum discussion: ottawafoodies.com/forum/933

Sure, I'll try to visit Ding Tai Fung next time I go to Toronto, but is there anywhere in Ottawa that sells Xiao Long Bao? May's Garden doesn't have them on their takeout menu...

Yangtze 4


2014 Jul 18
Finally somewhere in Ottawa to get xiao long bao! These were quite decent -- a nice introduction if you've never tried them and a much shorter drive than Toronto. :D


2008 Aug 29
Among all the dishes we ordered, their Xiao Long Bao was the worst. Not to talk about the shape and the look, there wasn't any juice coming out on the first bite. My friend said that their xiao long bao tasted like frozen. My friend suspected that they may have pre-made the soup dumplings and steamed them on order. (Forgot to take the photo of this one.)