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The cheesesteak, known outside the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area as the Philadelphia cheesesteak, Philly cheesesteak, or steak and cheese is a sandwich principally of thinly sliced pieces of steak and melted cheese on a long roll.

Where to get Cheesesteak

2008 Feb 22
not sure how authentic but you can get a decent version at Phillys wings and things ... i think that's the name ... basically located near the corner of lisgar and bank street. diner with a great all day greasy spoon breakfast and along with other items on their menu, is a "philly cheese steak" ... anyways i found it to be quite good, and in a way, maybe i enjoyed it so much because it also reminded me that you used to be able to buy a good submarine sandwich in this town before subway and quizno took over.

i don't have pics and also a new poster but i did find this blog, which talks about the good breakfast they serve ... www.breakfastblogger.com

if not cool to post such links please let me know.

2007 Dec 3
Tiana, I just checked out the menu and the Black Tomato's version sounds incredible! I won't add it as a source for traditional Cheesesteak though, because they've taken some liberties with it... spiffed it up a little. Theirs ain't the real thing, even though it's likely even better.

So many things to try! :-)

2007 Dec 3
FF - Have you tried the one they have at the Black Tomato? I've always though it to be really great, although I've never had a 'real' one so...

2007 Dec 2
This was a Chicken cheesesteak I devoured at the airport in Philadelphia. I opted for chicken because I was flying and beef sometimes hits my system hard. It was graced with lots of diced onion and was very tasty.

I've tried cheesesteaks in Ottawa at various places (including Quiznos) and none of them were worth having a second time. Still looking...

2007 Sep 23
As American as apple pie - anyone who's been to Philly knows that cheesesteaks are a foodie culture phenomenon there (much like shawarmas here in Ottawa). Whiz, wit.

2008 May 1
If Mr. Mario, CEO of East Side Mario's, were worth half his salt, he'd man up and call the Philly Cheesesteak a Chicago Italian Beef. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS.

Only it's missing the au jus.

And the giardiniera.

(So it's pretty sucky.)