Cocoa nibs are the edible part of the cocoa bean. During the manufacture of chocolate, they are ground into a paste which is then separated into cocoa powder and cocoa butter. The nibs are little pieces, having a texture similar to nuts and a bitter chocolate flavour.

Where to get Cocoa Nibs

2012 Feb 14
I've seen them at Stubbe on the market.

2012 Feb 13
Pretty much every health store has them, plain or lightly sweetened. They're in bags in the section with goji berries and seaweed snacks. Herb and Spice on bank even has them in the bulk section.

They are AMAZING on vanilla ice cream:)

2012 Feb 13
I have bought them at Grace in the Kitchen on Bank St. - I don't know if the new location carries them.

2012 Feb 13
If that fails -

2012 Feb 13
I believe Truffle Treasures in Westboro carries them.

2012 Feb 13
Is there anywhere else to get cocoa nibs?

Thanks in advance.

2007 Jul 15
A friend introduced us to cocoa nibs. These days the experts are touting health benefits of chocolate, and cocoa nibs are the most pure way to ingest this fine food.

The flavour is interesting but fairly bitter. They are awesome sprinkled on ice cream. They'd be good in a trail mix or eaten with raisins (since they have no sweetness of their own).